Review: Davido – Naughty ft. DJ Arafat


Davido and DJ Arafat teamed up for what on paper looks like a continental hit. Arguably the hottest artist in Nigeria right now teaming up with one of the big names from Ivory Coast.

Unfortunately the song didn’t to live up to expectations in my book. The production and beat of the song is decent, and will get you moving, but it’s anything out of the ordinary. Lyrically again, the song is pretty void (at least Davido’s part), and maybe might have been geared more towards just dancing. Lyrics like “Oya copy and paste, bad girl you’re very naughty” really don’t inspire too much.

Overall you have to put this as a song that falls short of potential. You see the idea in the song, and for the year Davido is having (a great one) you have to admire the ambition to take it to the next level. However in my book the song comes end up being average. Will it still play in the clubs? Probably, but will we remember this like Skelewu, Aye and the likes? Probably not.



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