Review: Chinny – Sunny Bobo


I’m going to raise my hand and say that I hadn’t heard much of Chinny except for a song about 10 months ago she released, and to be totally honest I barely paid attention to it. I’m sorry.

So I’m sitting this Monday morning and listening to tunes, and Sunny Bobo comes on, and I’m completely captivated by it. On vocals Chinny is angelic sounding, the production is very clean and crisp (shout out to 6th Ave Magik), and lyrically it’s simple yet well thought out. Everything comes together well in the hook also.

The only thing I’ll say I didn’t like about the song might be the bridge, but really I’m just being anal to duel on that. Overall it’s a lovely song, and a pleasant surprise this Monday morning. Keep this up, and Chinny will become a name to remember.



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