Review: Burna Boy – Soke | Less Than Impressive Showing

burna boy soke

Burna Boy dropped this joint a few days ago, and to a bit of a surprise to his fans.

Listening to the song, Soke, it’s feels like this was an experiment gone wrong, or a rushed idea. Either way, the song gets very monotonous, it sounds somewhat generic, and doesn’t really have any bite. Very un-Burna like if you will.

The beat by Orbeat is decent even if not fantastic, the lyrics and melody of the track is pretty dull, and really you go through the motions of the song without really realizing when it ends. The slight hints of Fela-ish lyrics don’t help.

Overall, I’ll forgive Burna for this, given his impressive discography. But this song wont by going anywhere near my playlist.



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