Review: Burna Boy – Check and Balance


Burna Boy has made a big name with his unique style in nigerian music that is rarely replicated. It’s rare to hear of a new Burna Boy tune and not see many fans excited.

His new tune, Check and Balance starts off on a promising note with a nice beat from Spellz which seems to borrow samples from 90s reggae tunes to keep listeners in a familiar zone. The lyrics from Burna Boy are average with what sounds like recycled melodies and somewhat uninspiring lyrics. Really there’s no edge from Burna that we’ve come to love. It ends up sounding somewhat monotonous, and hard to differentiate the chorus from the verses. Due to his unique style though, the Burna makes everything easier to listen to.

Overall it’s an okay song, but not anything I’ll be seeking out from Burna Boy. It’s not bad, but it’s not great.




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