Review: Banky W – High Notes

banky w high notes

Banky W is super talented, and that we’ve known for a while now, but what sets him apart from the many is that he’s an intelligent artist, and it often reflects in his music.

His new tune, High Notes is not just a very nice tune, it’s also one that is intelligently put together. From the beat by Cobhams that never has a dull moment, to Banky’s rapping and singing combo, to some hot catchy punch lines, and the hook with the flute like sounds, the song overall is too clean. The total composition is something that wasn’t just thrown together.

She said all men are dogs, I said I’m just a different pedigree, and she just went down on her knees and started blessing me“… I mean if Banky W really retires from singing, he can still drop a few rap tunes. Just saying.

Overall, High Notes is a great tune, and has all the makings of a classic Banky W tune we’ll remember for years. Somewhat reminiscent of Strong Ting. It’s hard to find something wrong with the song quite honestly. Perfect!




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