Review: AQ – International Rapper | Was This Really Necessary?


So I saw the title of this song, and I was like huh? But I think AQ is pretty nice on a good day so I decided to give it a listen, but after listening I’m still left scratching my head like “was this really necessary?”

First off, what’s the point coming after Reminisce, Olamide and Phyno simply because they tagged a song “Local Rapper“? One might not necessarily agree with the style another MC decides to flow it, but my brother, “real hip-hop” is not defined by how much fone or American accent you can blow on a song. You not from Brooklyn – son (last I checked).

So when I heard stuff like “Rap style screaming on tracks, you’re just indigenous. Don’t wanna be called indigenous, then don’t be indigenous” or “You don’t get the art of rap, that’s why you disrespect it.” or “…go international like Ice Prince, trying to be better version of mode I aint taking no advices” or “my brother  alomo cannot be champagne” I’m just left scratching my head like ‘did this dude really just say that?’

Is he dissing Phyno, Olamide, and Reminisce because of their choice of dialect to rap in, or cos he thinks they are all wack? I’m just confused. And all this is done on a pretty dull beat that really doesn’t inspire much so really I got lost trying to think of a way to do a review.

Quite honestly, in my opinion, AQ really kind of sounds bitter on his track but I can’t figure out if it’s cos he has a problem with “local rappers” or he’s just fishing for beef. Either way it’s not a good look. If you have a personal problem with someone then by all means throw it on wax, but don’t go voltroning for “real hip-hop” by dissing others that are in every aspect more successful, but more importantly haven’t thrown shot at you or anyone.

For what it’s worth, I didn’t think the song Local Rappers was the greatest song ever, but I respect the idea,.





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