Premiere: GT the Guitarman | 1960 Till Forever



A late entry Independence day song from Ember Entertainments recording act GT the guitarman which he just recorded today. He calls this one ‘1960 Till Forever’. Prod by FREQ

Look how far..look how far we ve come
Its been rough and tough
But we keep on matching until we ve won
Look how far..look how far we ve come
Take a second look back and see what we ve overcome
God forbid say me go take visa
To enter Enugu Kano my brother we one yeah
Violence no be the answer
Follow me chop my Christmas chicken
I go chop your sallah meat well well

We can count all the things that we lack
but we r right on track nothing can hold us back
our head is bloody but remains unbowed
we chose to stay together, from 1960 till forever




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