Nigerian Broadcasting Commission and banning music

Dbanj is pulling waves in the NBC office.... 2 songs banned now.
Dbanj is pulling waves in the NBC office.... 2 songs banned now.

Na wa oo…. Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) and their banning music have come again. As if there aren’t other things to worry about, the NBC is worrying about what song is sending the wrong moral message, and has “provocative” lyrics and videos. Maybe the head of NBC should watch BET uncut one night (if that still comes on) or even BET 106 and park and see what is really provocative.

I remember about 10-12 years ago when Femi Kuti’s “Bang Bang Bang” was released and won numerous awards all over Africa and beyond, NBC in their infinite wisdom banned the song in Nigeria… Why? Because he said a girl’s breast is like dunlop mattress? A couple of years ago “Konga” was also banned in Nigeria, and now they’ve banned “Suddenly” by Dbanj… I mean why didn’t they just ban Dbanj in general for all his kokolet yarns, so we know that they are serious. This to me is a classic case of worrying about the wrong things. Instead of focusing on improving equipments, broadening coverage and other stuff, you’re worried about what who is saying what in their songs. Most of these artists are just saying what everyone else in Naija is either doing or talking about. If you like, ban from now till tomorrow, there’ll still be 19 boys, aristos & ashawos, people will continue nyashing, and Dbanj will continue telling us about his koko and kokolets. If this same energy was focused on the kidnapping issues in Naija we might have made some progress in slowing it down.

At the end of the day, these artists don’t create the problems we have in naija, they just sing about it. Femi Kuti didn’t invent nyashing(not a problem), Kelly Handsome didn’t start 419, Dbanj is not the only guy that likes babes in bikinis. Abeg free these artists and focus on other things. What will the NBC do if artists were singing about how many people they’ve killed like 50 cents, and Lil Wayne talked about? Kill themselves? Or when one ex-armed robber starts rapping? (there might be sef… I don’t know), or an ex-ashawo like Eve decides to start rapping and talking about all the Politicians she has banged? Maybe they’ll just ban music entirely in nigeria and we’ll be like Afghanistan under the Taliban…lol.

Anyways, here is a list of recently banned songs by Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC)  for vulgarity and indecency:

Enter the place – 2face Idibia
Dance for me – Duncan Mighty
Suddenly – D’banj
I wanna be close to you – D’banj
Nwa Baby – Flavours
Rigirigi – Flavours
Maga Don Pay – Kelly Handsome

Dbanj’s video that was banned by NBC (Source: Timmy Naija)


  1. Don't mind them. Its a sign of the kind of government we have. They should protect us from armed robbers and kidnapping first.

  2. Na wah 4 this people oh, who come ban "Nwa Baby"? We go burn down that NBC oh, how can kettle be calling pot black?

  3. what the fuck is wrong with this nigeria stupid and nonsense people that called themself NBC… When will nigeria grow up like other countries, this people that banned all this video will dey say that dem no dey fuck all this small small girls… abi dem no dey embezzled nigeria money like maga pay for them… this video doesnt stop our sweet16 girls from fucking,yanching or sucking dick of our politicians or sugar daddy…. nigeria is corrupt and game as been there since ages ago… NBC should go and find work to do if they dont have one… last week a foolish politician trip a girl to where i am just for sex and pleasure… so why do they banned music video when they are the one destroying the life of our youth girls with there fooloish embezzle maga money…. so my fellowed nigeria lets wake up and stop all this foolish baby attitude of us that we still living in…

  4. we are an immoral nation. the small idiots at the helm of nbc should accept it. we are a free nation (supposedly) and should be free to do what we want to. what happened to teh right to choose. anyways there are hungry ppl out there who need governments attention not petty matters as these

  5. the last part of Flavour's Nwa Baby needed to be banned. I really like the beat and song in general but I cringed a little each time some parts came on.

  6. NBC is an idle and functionless establishment,if we want to make Nigeria clean,let us clean our political leaders first.We need to encourage our musicians and also moderation must be observe in their songs and videos.


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