NextGen Naija Artists [Part 1]


Being a JJC at this blogging business I’ve been itching to blog about anything I can think of… the other day during one of one of my brainstorms I was listening to a song my Mo’Cheddah and I was thinking to myself… “mehn I don’t know why people are not going gaga for this chic!”.. Then it hit me! Not the answer to why people are not crazy over Mo’Chedda, no (they actually are). What hit me was, why not write something up about upcoming Nigerian artists. Yes, I realized that I am always searching the web-waves for the latest single by the latest artist from Nigeria. As in eh, TALENT DEY NAIJA!! From the publicly known musicians like Femi kuti, 2Face Idibia, P Square etc etc.. to the yet to be recognized talents like [the ones I will name later]. Countless talented artists are springing up like flowers at the dawn of spring! (wtf??) and in the next, say, 8 years, I have no doubt that the Nigerian music industry will have carved a name for itself internationally (maybe 8 years is even too long).

I’m going to list 10 of my favorite upcoming artists (in no particular order) and maybe post a song or two of them that I can find. Notice that I said 10 of MY favorite upcoming artists. Maybe you will disagree with some of the people I list here and maybe you will agree with them. I can say sha that you MUST agree with at least half of the list. If, however, you vex for the entire list then please at any convenient time kindly go and hug transformer. The information I write about these artists is mostly based on the information I can squeeze from the internet and the few sources that I have.

The first person in my list is of course Mo’CheddaH.

Born Modupe Oreoluwa in Ogun state, Mo’Cheddah grew up in Lagos and, like most talented musicians, she was into music at a very young age. She sings (very well in fact), raps, and, after watching her latest video, has some steps up her sleeve. The first song I heard with Mo’Cheddah in it was “The finest” alongside Sauskibaba and Teeto. Then she vocally killed it with her single “If you want me”. Those are good hits but personally I like her appearance in the song “Stamina” by Skuki. You can be too sure that this chic is going to blow big time! Mo’Cheddah is also a nominee for the Hip Hip World Awards as the next rated artist (together with Jesse Jagz, General pype, Skuki, and D’prince). Her new album “Franchise Celebrity” is set to drop sometime in the first week of august and I’d advise to cop it immediately. You’ll definitely not be disappointed!


  1. Mo'cheddah! I luv dat gurl she gat d flow, d lyrice n she gat a millon dollar swag… She gat a whole lot 2 offer 4 d industry, n 1 day i do wish 2 cook smtin wif ha (musically)


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