New Video: Wizkid – Tease Me/Bad Guys



A few months ago we brought you first-hand video stills from the video, and now we are happy to bring you the brand new video… Fresh off the tape.

Video from EME representer, Wizkid for his “freestyle turned major hit”, Tease Me/Bad Guys. The video was directed by the talented Kemi Adetiba and will be the leadoff single for his album dropping in 2011 on Empire Mates Entertainment.

Video is nice, and features cameo appearances from Banky W (as expected), Skales, Samklef, Naeto C, D’Prince, IcePrince, MI (I love his big boi showing), Dr. SID, Sauce Kid, Wande Coal, Lynxxx & others… All star cast showed for the vid. Shot in Lagos… Check it out.

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  1. I always thought the song was average, so I didn't expect much… Hard too shoot a hot video for an average song

  2. Msheww.. Ds Is 1 Dead video jhur.. Ah ahn.. WTF was he thinkin.. N my guy dey claim 21.. E aint evn 21..

  3. Msheww.. Ds Is 1 Dead video jhur.. Ah ahn.. WTF was he thinkin.. N my guy dey claim 21.. E aint evn 21 yet!!…. Rubbish!!

  4. i thnk the video is very average nuthn spectacular bout it. the best part was MI's appearance . i rate it a 5.5/10

  5. D Video feels very very Empty!!.. Na wa o.. In their minds naw.. Dat video made sense.. Msheww.. #FullDeaD!!

  6. And Y D hell did dey make a Video for a Freestyle..??.. Who does Dat??.. Ds is some total bull crap!!.. Eldee nor evn showw.. MI dey form boss for car.. **rme**.. African Rapper No1 ko.. Mshewww.. Wizkid,D Music industry aint a Joke.. We tryna make it berra..

  7. Whoever "NotAHater..Critic" is just plain stupid… It's very obvious you're a hater and not a critic. See the way you're writing sef.

    The video is good jare. It might not be the best video in the world, but it's still good and will get massive airplay whether you think it's DEAD or not.

  8. The video was stupid..the colour qauality was wasn't nice atall compare 2 holla at ur boy..btw wat was MI formin when odas wr makin moves front of d camera he was in d Car..**hiss**i rate d video 20%

  9. come wiz kid because ur holla at ur boy was good u now sit down n rest .i don't like d video at all. what are u trying to tell us that whe u are 21 u will start going to stripers club

  10. I Love it. Its represents the song very well. At first I was a bit taken aback because Wizkid seems so young but apparently he's 21 so its all good. ANother great video, thumbs up.

  11. he could have done better a very average vid i was expecting more at least he could have gotten some hotter girls and the special effect could have been much better


  12. dis is just….. RUBBISH. d video didnt even capture my attenion. abeg make Skales release video joor. all dis wizkid vid no make sense. y release video for a freestyle wen "heading for a grammy" no get video? abeg mshewwwwww. all dem gals tryna form stripper. nd ps: am NOT a hater or a critic. am just sayin my opinion or rather typing my opinion nd if u no like am…GO N HUG TRANSFORMER.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. the video is very ok wether you fools like it or not…i love jude's sWag and the strippers are not bad mehn….bt wizkid fine ohh

  14. ok 1st off, the freestyle was good when it came out, a good hype n all

    the concept of tease me is about gettin teased sha by sum1..or strippers lol

    but nobody does a vid to a free style really..unless u on jimmy jatt show lool

    the video potrays a bad image.. esp to young kids that "love" wizkid.. pls think b4 u do a video next time. thank u

    p.s. the lap dancer is actually good..but i could do better hehehe

  15. The video isn't bad at all. I like how he brought in 'all of the guys'…and I guess waking up at the end and realizing that it was all a dream was like a 'tease'…

  16. Im not his fan though but watched the video to see if he was good and I was disaapointed. There is actually nothing spetacular about the video, so boring. I am sorry I think the guy is too young and not so talented for this. The video also protrayed bad example for him and other kids that are his fans,just a piece of advice.

  17. abegi make i hear word hypocrite…at 21…u guys have done worse tins…Lets face it…norind dey dere…banky nice concept jor…if na d video wan make una no like WIzzy..hug transformer jor

  18. I rate d video 5/10,i was expectin somethin better,he needs show gd examples, i luv his voice,swags & i still remain a fan.


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