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I saw the video, and was immediately tripped. For someone that is relatively new (well not really), Tripo 9 sure knows how important quality is to the music industry. His video says that and a whole lot more. The song ToSiBe is a nice blend is a nice blend of hip-hop and afro music. I can go on, but just read up on the bio below, and watch the video…. Enjoy.

Mathias Aihiokhai (aka Tripo9) A graduate from the university of Benin Nigeria, was born in Ubiaja, Nigeria.He grew up in the ancient city of Benin , a city known for diverse musical style. As a teen he formed a group known as 999 .In the 90s he performed in Nite clubs in Nigeria. He soon became popular as a solo artist and toured with Sina Peters and king Sunny Ade for a while as ‘The artist 999.’

His first but never released album was sponsored by King sunny Ade .The album was never released because 999 had to travel to the united states to study. While studying in New York as a premed student he was always haunted by the thought of an unfulfilled dream, Music!.In 2006 he completed his pre- med classes at Sunny Purchase college in New York and was invited to university of Utah medical school and in 2007 he graduated from Westchester community college as a respiratory therapist. Still haunted by his ultimate dream, he made a trip to his roots Nigeria in 2008, on his return to the United states 2009 he made the ultimate decision to pursue his dream. Since then he has been in the studio recording the come back album.

The album comprises of songs with great inspirational lyrics. ‘Tripo9’ as he is now called has an exceptional song writing ability, he said he is only writing about thoughts and experiences from his past and present. “Growing up in Nigeria, life was tough, there were many days of pain and some days of Joy”. this can be felt in songs like ‘How do people’, ‘i crossed the river’ and ‘Angel’. The album also consist of love songs and dance song such as ‘can you hear my heart calling’.He believes that there is a big vacuum in the music scene that needs to be filled , a vacuum that should address the hate and hunger in the world that others choose to ignore.Tripo9 is ready to fill that space and yet sing about love.

Tripo9 stands for urgency, emergency and a much needed positive intervention into a failed phenomenon called civilization. It cost millions of dollars to fight wars, but to love one another is free!.If the growth of a nation is based on how much it is feared or respected then civilization has failed!.

The brand new single titled Tosibe, hits the stores this summer.

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