New Video: Terry G – Sangalow pt2


klndcaschjosdnbcljknca!!! Chei! Yes That’s what Terry G says, but we love it. Sangalow pt 2 is no different. My guy just dey do his thing dey go. Oh by the way, in the midst of all his crase he still get small sense. He directed this video. Peep Kaffy, and Derenle in the vid. Enjoy.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”400″][/youtube]


  1. Nice work, but he needs to move away from this same song. How many remixes is he gonna make? I'm sure he can come up with something else that is not sangalow related….phew!

    • how many sangalow related has he done? hav we not had many using remix all thru in new album? pls appreciate creativity.


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