New Video: Ras Kimono – Veteran


Guess who’s back in rotation? Yes you guessed it, or no you didn’t, but it’s music veteran Ras Kimono. Yes he drops a new video after about X number of years of being behind the scenes in music.

The song is titled, Veteran… rightfully so. What do you think? I think it sounds great, but that might just be me and my love for Ras Kimono.

Directed by Righteous Films

[youtube width=”560″ height=”349″][/youtube]



  1. I’m also a big fan of Ras Kimono.. I mean I still know how to rock the dance to “Natty Get Jail”.. but this song is just Ok. I would have expected a better come-back song than this. Hopefully he doesn’t fade back into oblivion after this. I’d definitely love to hear some new-age-infused classic naija reggae back on the stations.


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