New Video: Olu Maintain – Enuff Efizzy



We brought You the trailer hours ago, here is the official Video of Enuff Efizzy. It’s the First single off his upcoming EP, C.H.O.O.S.E.N O.N.E The TRILOGY.

Enjoy Watching 🙂

In what has been tagged “The Most Expensive Music Video” ever by any African artist, Olu Maintain debuts his reinvention of himself from Mr YaHOOZE to MR NAWTi (Maintain Representing N.A.W.T.i), transcending himself from a young crooner to a more seasoned artist.
To help foster this project, Multimedia trading giant, Giovannii-Vivendi a Division of The Giovannii Group and his management company RoC of Ages Management, negotiated and entered into an agreement for a distribution deal through entertainment giant “Island Def Jam”. The Island Def Jam Music Group is home to a multi-cultural and diverse family of artists and has fast become one of the most successful labels in the industry. This project will be the parent company’s first foray into the Nigerian market space, and they are fully vested.
Olu Maintain , along with his new found home “Giovannii-Vivendi” is excited to debut, his latest work while showing to the rest of the world that Africans “Especially Nigerians” are capable of producing world class videos, and should be given an equal spot on the global stage. “We are no longer second class citizens when it comes to the music industry. We can do what they do and arguably in some cases, as I and some of my colleagues in this industry are proving, better than what they are currently doing”. At this point, the “SKY” is no longer the limit. It is only the beginning and quite literarily “The SETTING”.


  1. After actually reading the article, i understand the concept of the video.
    Its all about creating superior visuals.
    The song doesn’t speak to me personally but i’m sure there are some people in his fan base who will enjoy it.
    I like the Video and the potential it creates. Good step in the right direction for Video production in Africa


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