New Video: MI – Action Film ft. Brymo


Welcome To MI The Movie. Chocolate City King drops his video for his smash hit, Action Film in animation form.

Pretty dope video, and these cats are str8 up funny in this. Peep Jesse Jazg, Super Ice Prince & Waje in it. Gotta love.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]


  1. Haba these guys have enough money for better animation. Unimpressed. And before anyone starts to yarn dust, I like the song. The video no try sha.

  2. …and Jaguda why do you guys try to make things seem like they are good when it's not. What do you mean "pretty dope video"? Are we watching the same video here? Nonsense

  3. What the fuck is this man. I mean I understand animation concept, but this is just crap. C-City please get a good director abeg.

  4. i guess you nigerians believe that every video must have bling to be good, this is what is called a spoof…its obviously deliberate and keeping with the other animated stuff they have done… Choccity well done

    • To be honest the other animation they had was pretty bad too.
      It doesn't take too much to make decent animation. Check the song out na. A good director wold have done some serious justice to this song. Dem fall my hand with this video.

      • I support james.. it is deliberate… like South Park….Family Guy(very popular in america)… And its kool with a nice story line. there were some points where they went wrong but overall I think its a good one.

  5. M.I u & brymo really done a gud jab.more grace 2 u pples elbow.u guys are 2 d title “action film”qudos

  6. it made me i was watching cartoon network…the video painted a pretty good picture of wot the song was saying…i liked its simplicity…its not mandatory that every naija video must be about blings ,hennessey,clubbing and half dressed chics.

  7. I would hv luved 2 shout nd say ‘d video is a big fat rubish’ cuz i’m an animator, bt i’ll jst say it should hv bn more dan wat ws presented 2 us even if it’s 2D. Haba, dis is action film nw


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