New Video: L.A.C.E – On The Block



Check out the Official Music Video for “On The Block (Festac Town)” by L.A.C.E. featuring Vanessa Morris. Pretty hot video, and you can tell it was shot in the heart of Festac. Definitely something to check on.

Directed by KayPi Treasure for 907 Concepts.

L.A.C.E is Nigeria’s hottest new rapper on the block. His single, serendipitously named “on the block” caught all of nigeria’s music lovers attention in early april, and we have all been nodding our heads and dancing (or at least, trying to), ever since.

The video is un-enamoured by the typical bling-bling which has become the status quo for hiphop music videos nowadays. Rather, L.A.C.E is seen to be coming out of a none-too-glamourous block of flats in the now immortalised ‘festac town, festac town…’ suburban region of Lagos.

Fuelled by a saccharine hook carried rather enthusiastically by Miss Vanessa Morris, a budding vocalist on his Fly Fellow Records label, L.A.C.E. might just be the rapper to watch in 2011.




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