New Video: Ice Prince – SuperStar


Brand new video from Choc Boy House Representative, Ice Prince Zamani for his smash hit, SuperStar. The track has been ridiculously crazy, and it’s been a party starter all over Nigeria, and at African events all over the world.

Hot video if I can say so myself. Goes right in line with being a superstar. Special appearances from GRIP Boiz, Eddie Madaki, Jesse Jagz.

Ice Prince Album Everybody Loves IcePrince (ELI) is set and ready to be released.It should be released in the next month or so. The countdown to ELI has officially begun. From all indications the album is super.

Directed by Katung. Enjoy.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”349″][/youtube]


  1. The video is decent. Better than Oleku, but not wowing. Katung tried small. It could've been better though

  2. Haha they tried sha but like e promised 2 many guys that they'll be in his video and they refused 2 take a reign check this time hence the bombardment

  3. Dope. The way people talked about this on twitter, you'd think it's the worst video.

    The video is solid jare. ELI. Let's go!!!

  4. I am a big fan of the choc boyz, but why cant they go to Clarence or other good directors to make a good video. What is good in this video. Very very average video. Looks like a video of an unknown star…..

  5. Pls are we watching the same video here? This is total crap. Choc City and Audu need to get it together.

    I heard they don’t care about videos anyways. As long as they get shows they’re fine

  6. Pls if you love them tell them the truth.the song is fantastic and a major hit too….but this video isnt any different from oleku…must it always be a party/club scene? "Overloyalty" wont kill choc city sha,must all their friends always be in their videos? it was soo rowdy……i still love the song anyway….feelin my superstar.


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