New Video: Glenn – Movement


The song has been catching fire all over the place, now check out the video for Glenn’s Movement.

Check on it. Enjoy




  1. I heard this song in a club here in the UK. Nice.
    A video was was what was needed. Not the best but ok ok ok.
    Cute dude.

  2. Sometimes when a video is not all that. You check other criterias like the artiste’s looks and boy!!! Ain’t he fine??????????????

  3. Glenn your money or your voice!! You easily pull any genre off. Good job on the song. The video tho… Nothing sPecial

  4. The video did not follow the song…. Glenn here’s what I think u should do. Do a quick remix with a big name and make a maaaaaad video ad that’s it

  5. I will let this blunder slide because he is hot and I love his “shawty” song. Thank God he didn’t shoot such a video for that. Better brace up cuh.

  6. Glenn forget all the enemies. Even if I go Mars go shoot classic video dem go still condemn am. The essence for a debut video is to show ur face to ur fans and I think u did it well

  7. Glenn u are doing well. Whether the video is good or bad doesn’t matter. As long as it is getting viewed.

  8. The girl doing the break dance had the best attitude in the video. She should have been the main vixen.

  9. Wrongest video!! Bestest song!!
    Instead of 100% return you will get 70. Take your time to bring out the best next time. U got talent.

  10. Your price is determined by the type of video u put out. This is just an ok video for a first. Looking forward to your next. Great playlist song btw!

  11. Glenn just did another radio killer! D video was all d song needed, tho not d best but awesome for α̲̅ starter. Don’t stop till d world knows your name.


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