New Video: Afro B – Baba God (Remix) Ft. Joey B


Dedicating his popular radio show, #AfrobeatsWithAfroB, to the first exclusive listen to the official Ghana Remix of ‘Baba God‘, last night Afro B sent Twitter into a frenzy resulting in the show trending on Twitter in the UK. 

With the hashtag being used nearly 2000 times, listeners from all around the world were finally able to listen to the Ivorian-Ghanaian collaboration of ‘Baba God‘ they had all been waiting for.

Since the release of ‘Baba God’ at the end of last year Afro B has not failed to deliver a high number of equally as popular songs to his growing fan base. From songs that have inspired hundreds of people to create their own dance videos to songs that have people belting out French lyrics, this artist does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.


‘Soulard’, released in February, treated his dance-crazy fans to another track that inspired them to create new dance routines that they posted onto various social media platforms.


With the release of ‘One And Only’ ft Ghanaian artist Selecta Aff a few weeks later, Afro B showed us that he could ‘slow things down for the ladies’, over a smooth beat produced by Team Salut.


Mother’s Day, the Ivorian artist again showed us one of his many sides with the release of ‘Thank You’, a song expressing his deep appreciation for his parents’ love and support.


An artist that brings together all parts of Africa in his music, Afro B is the next big in the Afrobeats. 







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