New Music: X.O Senavoe – Mama (Can You Hear Me?) ft. Efya




Brand new joint from X.O Senavoe. This is X.O showing us a different side of him…Opening himself up a bit more. I love it, and really dig the way he’s able to talk (not rap) to his mom and really just open up, and let people see more of him. You can really feel what his Mother meant to him. For those that don’t know X.O lost his Dad when he was 10 and his mother in 2004.

There really isn’t too much else to say about the song. Just listen, and get all you can from it. Very deep and touching.

“Mama” is more than just a song. In X.O’s words, it is a love letter to her, and a beautiful reminder for us to appreciate our mothers and mothers everywhere, recognizing the sacrifices they make to get us where we are.

X.O Senavoe also dedicates “Mama” to his “brother in and out of music” Ice Prince Zamani who lost his mother recently.

X.O’s next project Xpoint0 is scheduled to be released very soon (in a few weeks I think), and has all the makings of a 5 mics project. It’s not a mixtape, not an album, not an EP… It’s Xpoint0.

Till that drops though, check this track out.

If you haven’t already, check out our one on one interview with X.O Senavoe on Jag-Spotlite.

**Produced by Studio Magic






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