New Music: X.O Senavoe – C4


X.O Senavoe just might be more explosive C4. Yes he is on fire and just when you think this guy might finally run out of gas, he lets you know that fuel no dey finish for him mouth.

X.O, The Extra Ordinary drops arguably the hottest freestyle of the year so far, and maybe in the past year. To say he goes in on the “Killing Em” beat by Fabulous is seriously an understatement. He straight up massacred the beat, resurrected it and massacred it again. I think it’s said enough, so I’ll let you listen for yourself.

X.O is currently working on his mixtape, X.0 which should be dropping hopefully next month and an album “It’s possible” that will be released this year maybe. I don’t think I need to tell you to look out for it. It’s a given that it’ll be hot! Stay stuned…

…Back to the present. Check out C4 freestyle by X.O Senavoe. Straight up ridiculous. Drop your thoughts…

“…feather weight rappers, I pluck em like some violins/the only reason I’ll retire is stop the violence… ”



  1. this joint is tight. I cannot think of anyone on the continent who can touch X.O. and this is just the beginning. Can't wait to listen to the CD when it comes out !!!

  2. Hmmm… I'm loving this, but we need to hear a party track from this guy. All this hardcore rapping is getting boring.

  3. X.O is here, that's true but guys slow down with him being better than M.I… He has a long way to go cos M.I has been relevant for at least 4 years now plus Modenine too has been there for a while… Just 3 or 4 songs cannot place him at the status of M.I and Modenine… He's got punchlines tho but how many people has he been able to reach out to (Intelligent songs like Cry by Modenine or Wild Wild West/Fast Money Fast Cars by MI )??? I am not being cocky but the thing is he needs to drop an album and let's see how well it will do over time… + He should put out a mixtape too… @Ubeefmeikillyou is right… Don't get me wrong tho, I love X.O… He is on my list of top upcoming Nigerian rappers cos I am still yet to be convinced… The same people that hail him are the same people that will run over him when d time comes so take it easy with becoming a fan…

  4. Brass u cant be serious? A song like Cry or. Wild wild west? Have u heard The Power or Victory? Gimme a break. When M.I came in he said he was better and there were ppl like mode9 and ruggedman who had “been relevant” for more than 4 years. Upcoming artists??? U need to go listen to that C4 track again and tell me which upcoming or experienced artist is spitting like this. Give the man his due! Intelligent songs???? Did u just arrive? Have u heard his other songs? U make some good points but u nay wanna take him off ur list of upcoming and put him on top with the best …anywhere in the world.

  5. Na wa oh. I just downloaded the song now. This guy don craze finish. Wait for it; My best line is: "That's not nice, that's rugged, man!" Pun. This guy is sick. Let's give him his credit. This is about X.O Senovoe and not a beef song so pls stop the comparisons cuz it's getting real boring. *yawns* M.I and the whole ChocCity crew obviously love this guy. He was to be a featured artist on M.I.2 but he just didn't make the cut. M.I even apologized to him. You guys trying to raise dust should pls take a nap. Better yet, a walk. X.O is sick. That's all I can say. M.I is also great. M.I is a legend in Naija Hiphop no matter what happens. Just like 2face. X.O and Wizkid are the main thing now. The rest are just joking (xcept Ice Prince of course) X.O thumbs up.


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