New Music: X.O – Messy/Messi (Black & Yellow FreeStyle)


Brand new heat from X.O. Mr Senavoe goes crazy on the Black & Yellow beat, and straight up murders the beat. X.O is currently working on a lot of things coming up including but not limited to his X.O EP, a couple of epic collabos¬† for his joints and others that are going to blow you away (believe me when I say it), plus some new tracks that should put his name way on top (as if he’s not already dancing on there). He’s already getting mad airplay in Naija, Ghana, New York & London.

Let’s just say this… The material coming from X.O over the next couple of months is going to erase any doubt about his status. Stay tuned people. That’s all I’m going to say.

Anyways, back to the present. Check out Messi… Black & Yellow Freestyle. Crazy Stuff. Listen, Comment & Download.




  1. "Like Barca's Messi; My bars are so messy!!!!"


    this guy is a beast…. like a bad dream, he comes at you….


    • Haha. Umm, u must be one of the deaf people he mentioned in the freestyle. LOL, U sef u don hear. keep chillin on coals. lol haters go die o

      • and clearly, you are one of those who's easily impressed by this. and like i said, it's my opinion. i have the right to dislike something, don't i?

  2. Not bad, but how come he is claiming Naija when he has only been there a handful of times. There seem to be wholes in his story


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