New Music: Wande Coal – Go Low + Been Long You Saw Me + Private Trips


Wande Drops 3 solid single to put a stamp on his return after close to 2 years without releasing an official single. The anticipation has been at a fever picth and for all the right reasons.

He drops 3 singles, Go Low, Been So Long & Private Trips and all are solid joints that should take Wande Coal as a superstar well into the next year and longer.

Want to question Wande Coal’s star power? The bare mention that he was releasing single today made him trend world wide on twitter. This was seriously anticipated.

You already know what to do? Download, Listen, Enjoy, Dance, and Drop your thoughts

*** Go Low




*** Been Long You Saw Me



*** Private Trips




  1. So disappointed after 2 yrs wande coal came out wit dis crap, dis is so not him at all, was expecting a banger.. is it Don Jazzy who produced it…

  2. @ koko you dont know what good music is…. we already dancing hard to this new songs.. so u can hug transformer for all i care

  3. In all honesty these songs fell hand small. Still solid but for all the hype I was expecting to be on the main road dancing right now. Not the case

  4. Why did WC have to spoil these jams with autotune? The padi can sing. He doesn't need autotune. Nice jams sha. Very grooveable.

  5. Buh why will u say u don’t like private trip? Its not suppose to be fast music all d time! The 3jamz are on point! Big up Mohitan Wande Coal.

  6. Wande coal,tank U̶̲̥̅̊ veri much.U̶̲̥̅̊ r makin me go gag.U̶̲̥̅̊ r d best.can’t wait 4 U̶̲̥̅̊ and d’banj’s album.

  7. Nigerians… As long as the beat’s another dance/pop beat, we will take crap and label it a jewel. Damn tho, this is complete and utter crap. In my opinion, the last track was the best, and not even that nice (why did it sound like he was trying to pull a Wizkid?). Wande is a great artiste but these tracks isnobeam at all. He can do better. Glad he at least broke the silence. Looking forward to more great stuff from him.

    • kk,yeah i forgot not every one knows music like i do,,lets make sumtin straight,,wizkid is the one pulling a wande coal ish..and for the beat,maybe u shud go and get a studio and try to make urs ,lets see if u can bring anything to the table..and let me guess u heard those tracks from a tuarkky sound system,or from a phone speaker.i recommend a beat by dre..stop hating,,,the guy is packing his money u r here hating……

  8. wow I love it, nice work man , oya go low!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you wande coal , I cried any time I listen to dis music

  9. Wcz nice singles. U’ve drop….haters gone hate men but send no body….just do ur fin…blahhhh.!!!!

  10. abeg mo na stp cursin koko….am sure say he go dey wish make he fit remove dat commment….nice one wC

  11. I still and always remain a mohits and wande coal fan.. was a bit worried abt his absence dis pass years, 2 to b exact and his back again with a bang.. beats were sick as expected by don jazzy.. but wat d fuck did they do 2 his voice.. 1 of wandes' strengths has bn his vocal ability, pure untouched voice.. yyyyyyYYYY in the name of every tin sweet and holy did they try to over auto tune it or watever they did.. would still node mi head wit my bottle of champas or watever i'm vin in d club, but plssssss plss n plss… more natural N less computer work, think dats wat's always differentiated him 4rm odas. Op dis gets taken as constructive criticism.

    • Good One Mexy I really felt you on that one …. i think it ll be good if the coming tracks that are yet to be released comes in his original voice…. even if any thing has to be added or odjusted it should be minimal not as much as what i just heard …………..Anyways Good tracks i Love the emotional outburst in Go Low …..Nice one Wande I ll Score you 8/10.

      Oluwaseyi Allen

  12. Man am one of ur biggest fan u doin good bruv… Buh still yet to comfirm if actual the mohit thingy is true doe… Big ups bruv u one of a kind

  13. Koko abi wetin ΰ call urslf…If ΰ dnt like Wande’s new joints, ΰ can like to dance Alanta on a hot plate. Wande thumbs up men, we rily misd ΰ.

  14. Gosh…dis december is full of hot songs frm all dis guyz.Most of d latest songz i’ve heard are all Ill including dis Wandecoal’s.

    Naija we rule dis bitch

    Follow on twitter @Holarmullar

  15. Welcome bk wande,bin gone 4 while n I fink dis is a G̲̣̣̣̥ud welcome bk 4 U̶̲̥̅̊.9ice songs,kip it up.


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