New Music: Tonto Dikeh – Get High + It’s Ova


Yes you read that right. Tonto Dike has released the singles she’s been promoting for the last week, and after listening let’s just say that they are… ummm… ok just listen and judge for yourself.

The 2 singles, It’s Ova & Get High will be Tonto Dike’s first official singles. Now whether or not she continues, only time will tell. But this auto-tune sef… anyways, have a listen.

What do you think? Yay or Nay for Tonto Dike.

*** Get High




*** It’s Ova





  1. OMG! I think my ears are bleeding. I’d rather chew glass than listen to this again

    Jaguda please stop all this rubbish

  2. I wish i could help you in the production, but babe, this song is quack… If is should rate you, give you 1/2 over 10… Girl, you need a proper Production… PING me up 28F8DDEC….

  3. After hearing this, I don’t even know who is a danger to Nigeria more, Boko Haram, GEJ, Sina Rambo or Tonto Dike. I weep for my country’s future :'(

  4. Tonto, bcause yhu dey chop 4 Nollywood no mean say yhu go come d music industry chop olso. Abeg mek yhu beta stay where yhu belong cux dos songs SUCK! BULLSHIT

  5. Na waa ooo…….girl go back acting or go find somewhere sleep.You never try U only attempt but U can do it sha if U train more cos ur voice dey ok.

  6. As I heard the Two tracks of Tonto Dikeh. I was touched and felt the Intonations well balanced i.e the lyrics and the beat just made the best for her. She is a Wisdom and will go to places with her achievements. Thumbs Up, Tonto Girl.

  7. Make una encourage tonto…its not easy oo…she can do better//our naija lady gaga..her voice is ok,with more training she will be good…which one una don do sef.

  8. U really gettn high with d rubbish song u sang.come to think of itif u don’t have anythin meaningful to do with ya money pls shut up. And stop singing rubbish and help d upcoming artist with ur money

  9. Tonto, u tried but u can do much better. Its ur first one and I believe thru it u’ll learn from everyones criticism. Lemme know if u want me to put some songs together for u.

  10. Tonto, honestly, you’re really my gir and i really like you for your crazy scenes you play in the movies, but Singing…… Nah…. its not really your thing…. Abeg quit

  11. dt sounds lik a nursery rhyme…voice is artificial with dsiarrayed instrumentatn, d best annoyin part is dt d swag of d music doesn’t fit herr kind. I wish u better trials th

  12. Tonto dike, dis Ȋ̝̊̅§ a hot mess,d☺̣̣̥̇ŋ’t Ʊ ever go back 2 d̶̲̥̅̊α† studio again bcz I’m Sº°˚˚˚°º irritated, visit
    d motherless homes instead wt ur money

  13. Not a bad try though…buh the voice sounded very artificial. She could be better at her next try buh don’t think music is her thing…

  14. Abeg watin happen sef!!! Shey dis babe no listen 2 her dry song B4 she upload am 4 jaguda. Pls management do nt allow dis shit again ˚˚˚°ºH

  15. pls babe if na too much money there are plenty less privileged out there and plenty people that need relieve your money for such and u would b blessed and the studio manager sef no try at all haba y u let this embarrassment out na????????????

  16. tonto I think u should try an understand musical notes and some musical techniques like rest. U see wen u understand this notes n techniques u ll be able to tell ur producer what u want…I blame ur producer or ur director, he doesn’t understand music.

  17. Tonto, with due respect, this songs need a lot of work…. Am a songwriter if you need one, contact me 08067912004.

  18. Tonto is still on the way… You pple should check out this guy through ‘’ VIC O _ after party… He is worse than the worst!!!

  19. Omoh dis shit no try..if U̶̲̥̅̊ want ƮƠ͡ good flows jst ping ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ @2231A0E5..i”m ready ƮƠ͡ put down good music for U̶̲̥̅̊..cus U̶̲̥̅̊ fyn

  20. Auditory Rape…OMG!!! Synthesizers r out, ask TPain. Find your musical style girl. Punk, Hip-hop, Rock, cannot b put together just like that. Get a n

  21. Auditory Rape…OMG!!! Synthesizers r out, ask TPain. Find your musical style girl. Punk, Hip-hop, Rock, cannot b put together just like that. Get a new production crew that can actually read and write music… Or just stay in Nollywood.

  22. Tonto U fall hands badly. Pak well abeg coz dis tang no fit u @ all. Pls my ears @ alwedy cryn out loud. Abeg stop this k?

  23. I almost had a mini stroke!!!!tonto ur a threat 2 our lives….pple with mental & heart issues shouldn’t b exposed †☀̤̣̈̇ dis deadly hazard!!!I tink am gon be sick!!!arrrrrrggggghhhh

  24. Tonto tonto tonto! Hw many times I kal u? U fuck up oh, u no supoz do diz kind thing na! Now my memory card don format, my fone don hang, my ear sef don block…wwwwwwaaaaacccccccKkkkkkkk!!!!!! Haba!!! Jaguda, una sef fuck up jor!

  25. Tonto dikeh u jus made us realised hw stupid port harcourt pple are! aluu came wit deir innocent killing nd nw u came wit ur ultrasonic wave disaster… Wat happen? Wat happen?? Is port harcourt pple trying to take ova d world???

  26. …People only follow #Mad or #Craziest groove there #Fellow #Fools made cause the previous #Fool’s sounds a lil entertaining to them…..if all the #Fools that has been making wrong comments on this @Tontolet song can groove to Terry G’s songs then they are all #Mad cause this 2 Tonto Dike’s track consist of lyrical content and meaning than 75% of all the Terry G’s song that I knew….Haters go to HELL…go to the studio record a cool track, upload it on the internet, see how easy it is before you make #None Sense comment. Tonto Dike bigUps

    • Wetin dey do naijA self,people no dey AppreciAte better tin,AbA wetin nA make unA salute this girl nah,she try.hater go sing ur own make we heAr.

  27. You all re just bloody critics. Am sure none of u can even sing d solfa notes.U all think dat all songs r supposed 2 be danceable or being played in clubs & party. Do u knw dat those peeps u call fuji singers can’t even sing d solfa notes, yet u worship dem.songs r meant 2 be inspirational & cool. Dats why d americans,british,chinese,etc re far better dan nigerians. If u people say dat u can sing better dan her den go bring out ur single and let’s hear it and we’ll see whose is better. Tonto has a very fantastic voice only if she trains it better, am sure she wld be 1 of d best musicians in nigeria, infact she wld even be better dan d almighty tiwa savage. Its not as if d songs were fantastic or something as least d lyrics cld tell a lot. Am sure most of u dnt even listen 2 musicians lyrics. As 4 me my best song of hers is ITZ OVA ft SNYPER. And it made a lot of sense. And moreso GET HIGHS chorus too was WOW! All she needs is training and she good 2 go. Tonto pls dnt mind critics dey r all haters, just tryin 2 see ur down fall but it will never work. Kudos 2 u jare, Keep it UP. Kisses

  28. Haha….whats it wiv you guys?you people. should try and Encourage her since its her 1st song….besides no one is above mistake….with all ‎​d fuck ups in this tracks dat she released and ‎​d people’s criticism,she would have learnt her mistakes and her next track will be gbam

  29. Haba peeps, why do we like criticism too much? Why can’t we encourage her because this is no about money, but passion! Common, let’s encourage her!

  30. All of u are bad belle pple. If this song had premiered in the UK una for like am. I think this is a hand work of my enemies

    • This is such a great photo! It reminds me a lot of Edwardian phgrootaphy, like Lewis Carroll’s and all. Also, I just can’t stop chuckling about the Lone Ranger’s conservative two-pocket cardigan, which would probably come in very handy on those cold nights spent on the Western plains. These boys are both charming and practical.

  31. ‎​=))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=)) obula hamatin ‎​=))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=)) tonto Ūя̲̅ neck.if Ʊ try am again ehn.

  32. One mansans trash is another mans treasure. its obvious dat u treasure this trash dat tonto sang. not every body haz the talent for music so I guess miss tonto should just stick to acting and runs. she’s good at that instead of fooling her self like this. this song is WACK! Even her producer knew she was going to make a fool out of her self. And TIWA is too Good. Dream on!

  33. Tonot this song is a disaster n was the coughing supposed to be part of the song? Pls sweetheart stick to acting and stop embarrasing urself.

  34. Wetin una dey tak na da song swt joor dat list 4 her vry 1st tim she sang likk dis is shows dat she has da talent tonto u try jare no mind them no knw gud songs I can assist u by ritn gud songs 4 u am an artist my numba is o7066730920 my pin is 21475C20 tanku u can’t is da limtion u chose I can is da limtion u brk

  35. @hannah n @anybobody in support of Tonto Dike’s whateva, plz let’s call a spade a spade, omotola did something we enjoyed, if ΨђåƮ TD did ɪ̣̝̇§ referred 2 as music, den M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ generator ɪ̣̝̇§ D̶̲̥̅̊ best vocalist in D̶̲̥̅̊ world. Must she sing. Channel ur money 2 D̶̲̥̅̊ less priviledge or help upcoming talents. #poko# lyk she loves 2 say

  36. Guyz.. Must we talk abt dis song all day, abeg make una follow me on twitter @ccguy67 for quality production@ no cost…. See ya

  37. lwkmd! I come dey wonder wich one she do dere. Even pawpaw dey cry say d music no sweet. beht y Tonto? 🙁 I hear cough sound 4 dmusic sef O_O SHOOOH! its well 😀

  38. Wat dey f**k is, if dis is goin 2 sale in 9ija den am suppose be a star, how I wish I have dey way 2 upload my Songs on 4 ppl 2 hear me out,

  39. Tonto U̶̲̥̅̊ are one actress i admire so much..i Wa̶̲̥̅̊ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇ suprised wen i saw U̶̲̥̅̊я track n even more shocked wen i played it….U̶̲̥̅̊ hv got A̶̲̥̅ nice voice n i blive dat wif A̶̲̥̅ little more practice U̶̲̥̅̊ will get there…#poko#….L♥√ع U̶̲̥̅̊ dear*kisses*

  40. I love tonto as a movie star, she’s really good at it….but tonto as a musician??? Big NO, she will never make it to the next level. I’ve never a heard a song so bad in my entire life, infact, the song was so bad that I wish it was possible to ‘unhear’ a song, jeezzz!!!!

  41. Gosh!!!…this song ain’t listening to @all..tonto abeg stay for ur lane haba!.jaguda u guys shud help upcoming acts instead posting this kinda songs…holla @me for ur production 223B2E54.

  42. Tonto dike …nice work and keep it up I love you so much…to all haters :fuck you abeg write your own lyrics ..fooollssss

  43. Its not that bad .. Meet the dude who engineered Α̲̅πϑ produced for you Α̲̅πϑ slap them real hard … For they where supposed to correct you everytime you made mistakes … Twitter is going crazy because of you

  44. All ya fellas praising Tonto, dropping ur pins and phone nos and promising to help her with her song, I know ur plan. You are looking for a way to get into Tonto’s toto. God is watching u ☺.

  45. Yay…yay…yeah…TONTO DIKEH ride on joor, ur musics are on polnt dnt mind wadt most people are saying abt it and funny enough most people criticizing dis songs haven’t heard dem they’re only commenting for d sake of commenting…Anyways let dem run thr mouth and wen shud we be expecting d videos nw

  46. Nice start dear, ƭћǝ̩̩ so called superstars now  i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ nigeria all started somewhere! Meanwhile let talk about ƭћǝ̩̩ video on pin 21B907E9

  47. †☺ be sincere, 9ce instrumental. ƭћǝ̩̩ more U̶̲̥̅̊ listen U̶̲̥̅̊ Gǝ̩̩t̶̲̥̅̊ like †☺ it. Let give her a chance †☺ express her inbuilt passion. @TD remember no Critizs no Congrats.poko baebi.

  48. Ah omg!!! U̶̲̥̅̊ bring dis U̶̲̥̅̊я funny behaviour to music, abeg go join junior chior 4 church make U̶̲̥̅̊ learn better or make U̶̲̥̅̊ come sponsor ♏ε̲̣̣̣̥…. U̶̲̥̅̊ go sell Ooº°

  49. To all that care to listen, the producer of this song is a murderer, the lady is suppose to sue him/her for spoiling her song, I tell you by the time good producer would work on her,you would all go gaga for her songs..peace

  50. my cat wz able to smile a litle after listenin to the song but my humble dog totaly lost apetite. Bt b careful wt pple dropin there no n pin pls b/c their target is ur toto.

  51. Pls palz,let’s nt eat her off jst becuz of de two tracks. As we all knw, its her 1st tym. But to u my dearst, I’ve a vry important message 4 u. U cn ping me wth dis»»2181A54E or beta still email me at»


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