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We featured Tolu on here in our bubbling under segment about 18 months ago, and strangely for the talent he has we never heard anything else. Well that’s changed, and he’s dropping new heat for us here on Check out his bio once again, and the track, Combination. Enjoy.

Official Press Release:

Every few years an exceptional artist comes along to take the industry by surprise and “Tolu” fits the criteria for just that. Tolu can be described by many words, but one word that stands out for sure is pure “talent”. From his pen game to his vocals and his performance, there is nothing Tolu can’t do. This Brooklyn Born 20 year old R&B sensation is the son of Nigerian Migrants, Tolu dreamt from the start of his childhood that he would be a star and since then, he has taken the necessary steps to make his dream a reality. With notable nods from record execs at Warner Bros and artists like tiffany evans personally leaving comments on Tolus MySpace page telling him how dope he is; Tolu is on the right path to success, it’s just a matter of time before this young talent dominates the music industry.

Other accomplishments of Tolu include being ranked #2 on as the “next hottest artist”, having a personal audition for Diddy’s reality show “Star Maker”, and gaining an ever increasing fan base with over 250,000 plays on MySpace and hundreds of followers on twitter. He was also labeled as “NEXT IN LINE” by with his single being played over 10,000 times. Tolu exemplifies the charisma and exuberance young adult, but also has the qualities and abilities of a seasoned vet. Taking control of his destiny Tolu and a close friend of his formed a independent entertainment group called “Bread Winners Ent. Group” in which Tolu is the president of.

Tolu is currently working on a independent album titled “Experience Love” which should be out early next year. He is also working with producers over at Jive Records ghost writing for signed artist. With Tolu continuing to gain notoriety it only fuels his energy and desire to hone his craft to become the best artist he can be. The talent alone is undeniable, but when united with a genuine hunger and a relentless work ethic, you have a shooting star on a direct path for success. The future is bright for Tolu. It is not a question of if but rather a matter of when, Tolu will emerge on to the scene.


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