New Music: T-Smallz | Fire Dancer Ft. I-Octane


After seven years of professional lyrical adventure and with over 14 years experience on the music scene, Gambian music Ace, Real name Ebrima Suso popularly known as Trobul Smallz & T Smallz Suso for short is drops his international mega hit Single titled “Fire Dancer” ft Jamaican super star i-Octane in Nigeria.

T Smalls says he chose Nigeria to drop fire dancer because the Nigerian industry is doing excellently well worldwide and almost taking over clubs in most black communities, all credits to the Unique and danceable sound. He said Fire Dancer is a Big song for real and big songs deserves a big drop.. In Africa Nigeria is the biggest industry one can think of right now and I feel this is my time to invade that..

T Smallz is credited with over 400 recorded songs, 34 Singles, 2 albums, 2 Eps, 1 Mixtape and is working on a 19 track album. T Smallz Suso has also made some out standing collaborations both locally and internationally with 12 International and 10 national collabos to his credit. before his trip to Nigeria he has just concluded Work with I-Octane who is one of Jamaicans finest and multi award winning / chart topping acts Others includes Tenza, the boss lady and the Uk female dancehall artist and act of the year. He has also worked with Faze, former plantation boys singer (Nigerian), Adiouza; one of the biggest Senegalese female acts, JaliMaDi a Gambian traditional singer among others.

Working with i-oCTANE was very amazing and rewarding for him as i-oCTANE’s humility and belief in his talent motivated him to be more determined towards success in his art. They did Fire Dancer together, a song, which is a massive, hit. Although Fire Dancer is rightfully owned by T Smallz Suso but both his team and octane’s team are pushing it worldwide. Currently the song is big in Sweden, Trinidad & Tobego, Jamaica, Canada, Barbados and a remix is demanded by some of the finest acts in Barbados who want to jump on it although the song already has remixes done for DJs in US, UK, Australia & Canada with live horns and big synths also a jungle terror remix has been done, a sound which was heavily featured at this years Ultra festival in Miami and the third remix so far is the Bhangra Ragga remix which is more geared towards EDM DJs who love to experiment with sound

Parts of the video for fire Dancer was shot in The Gambia and is currently been finished in Jamaica and the United States

Now the Africa release Fire Dancer is set for Nigeria with a premier gig live at the Mashoria Arena in Gwarimpa Abuja backed by the Devine Sound/live band.

Ebrima Suso runs a foundation called the T smallz suso foundation alongside some British nationals. Every year they raise funds in Gambia and UK for needy students in the Gambia and pay their school fees.

Although T Smallz enjoys a massive fan base back home, playing big gigs for high profile fans like his country`s president Dr Yahaya Jammeh  he describes the music industry in the Gambia to be in its infancy compared to Nigeria .But he believes they have lots of young and vibrant talents out there. Gambia is yet to have a proper record label or an organization that is mainly music concerned. So they are growing towards that and hopefully one of them will break through and create that awareness to the masses worldwide..


Smallz Suso plans to do more collaboration with Nigerian acts! In fact that is going to be on a different level.. Not only collaborating on songs but also collaborating on shows etc. and of course Building the bridge between the Gambia and Nigeria.












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