New Music: T- Code – Fuji Swag {Freestyle}


Peep this freestyle from T’code. He went off on Terry G, Throwing Shots at him. Let’s see where all this ends tho. Listen Up and Enjoy

The winner of the Most promising Act at the 2011 Fuji Heritage Awards TCODE laments on who ever is trying to delve into FUJI, This freestyle Fuji Swag’ is basically a reply to TERRY G’s version that dropped some weeks back, some can call it a beef, but he says its just an advice.

[audio:|titles=FUJI SWAG FREESTYLE]


  1. 9ja music is gettin into war zone am likin it. But dia is an adage in yoruba dat “oju orun te’ye fo lai fara kan ra (d sky is so big dat birds can fly witout touchin dem sef) artist wanna beef dem sef 2 sell cds gud. We’ll buy it and laugh it off after a couple of monts… Dats wat dey ar gud at. Anoda bullshit sellin now is Terry G. Bro kip am up na 9ja we dey home of wia nonsense sells…*winks. Leave am make e chop him moni, no b ur moni sha na T-code(oda cared artist sef)…

  2. guy u dey fuck ur self up oooooo why u dey beef terry g nw u no get work to do what is ur bu
    siness if terry g.zuz sing fuji abi se na terry g u won use blow afer u realease ur album u fit fine one new song to compose u no dey shame u no se terry g na hitman 4 hiphop industries meat u …no..chop…chicken…u…chop…u…say…u…won….beef….he.goat…odeeeeeee

  3. @deejay lizzy,its so sad that you are a dj,imagine ur comment on this song instead of you to go straight at TerryG for waking up and all he could tink of is a useless lyrics on another person"s Genre of music>Bro go get another job cos you might not make it in this DJ career>AS for Tcode,even if his album is not doing well it might be due to one thing or the other,TCODE you"ve got a dope voice,kudos

  4. lol, see war o…..i feel dis deejay is crazy, he doesnt knw the fundamental of music …hes just a passer by….besides i love TCODE so much cos he killed th song……am not a youruba girl but i felt all his rymes compered to terry g.shikenah

  5. hey t code you are a big fool why must criticizing a brother for doing is own thing you better get a job and even i have not heard of any one name t code what are you code

  6. This guy got a better voice lets be sincere . Yes Terry G made a statement if you could listen good , He said " This na the type wey nobody don do " That's impersonation , we all know T-code for the Fuji hip hop style , But all of them dey mad Jo .. dem dey take us make money noi


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