New Music: Soto – Stick & Stones Ft. Real Talk


Sticks & Stones - Soto

Fast rising Nigerian rapper Soto signals his intention to flip the Nigerian rap game on its head with his brand new single titled ‘Sticks & Stones. Over the sparse, unapologetically hip-hop instrumental produced by talented newcomer Jabz, Soto reprises his performance as the smart-talking hustler from his monstrously successful hit ‘Onye Egwu’. Displaying a unique energy and hunger alongside EON Entertainment label-mate Real Talk, they combine to deliver a declarative message of intent that will keep the buzz going till Soto’s next major single drops in coming weeks. Sticks & Stones features vocal samples from Ray Charles’ 1960 hit classic of the same name, and EON’s finest team up to present a befitting modern take on one of the biggest songs of the 60s.



  1. Y’all should watch your backs!! This Soto dude’s not taking NO for an answer!! He’s hitting the industry BIG!!


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