New Music: Olamide – Apa Ti Jabo



I could have called this a brand new track, but its not. Apparently this is the first track olamide did featuring his mentor/producer, ID CABASA. Off his upcoming album RAP-SODI which is expected to drop in a few months.

Listen and Enjoy…….
[audio:|titles=apa ti ja bo rough]


  1. Kip it up bro. God is wit u…I Knw one day we got to knw beta…pele is going in.tak gud care of urslf…

  2. ola do not let anyone let you think u dont deserve what you have.what you have is music talent,make use of it,never look bake and i promise you…you will overthrow your enimies…,i really admire your rappings keep it up

  3. Olamide omo olomo larin ero kilonse?to fe fi swag se won le se.baba ku baba ku.dagrin ku olamide ku.ur swag so expenxve 4rm london 2 ondo.apa mi ti jabo olamide gbami.i’m a song writer i need ur assistance.catch me up on

  4. Mr OlAmIdE,YU are doin gr8 work,but don’t relent,bcos dere re enemies of progress out there,dat don’t want d progress of human being lyk dem,dis is bAmRaY

  5. mr Ola,pls don't relent in ur muzic career,bcos dere re sum peopleout dere who don't lyk gud tins in in dere lyf at all ,yu re doin gr8 work,plz how can i locate u,yu can send it 2 my facebuk account,,Tanx,keep it up,ENI DUROOOOOOOOOOOO

  6. Moti je idi malu,erankekere ko kami mooo,chi mido tide ibi rere lo ka mi mo,i dey feel u guy,our new dagrin…….

  7. Nice one bro more Greece to your elbow bro keep it up and be yourself and i see you heading to the top of the game bro……..will love to hook up with you on facebook holla

  8. 4 my mind i dey pour em holy water…instead make em do da same em dey pour me hot water…aahh…bt i dey get hotter…sote i don 4 get say i get plenty ota.see em nw won wori gan…i feel lyk make i help em bt mo sori gan…dis dayz mo ti go funny gan.ha OLA BABY ITZ OLA BABY.ola u bring out da best in me.hehe

  9. Olamide,u ar a mudera,u gt d stret disvirgin.I luv ur flows,ur rap style,nd ur courage.U alwys mak me rememba dagrin.M hopin one day,i wil b lyk u.Keep it up,m also an upcoming.

  10. baba mi omo u hot pass fire.olamide my mentor i swae ur d actor ur 4rm gheto but u gat all the factor.u teach me a lot man god bless u


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