New Music: OJB Jezreel – Man Of God

OJB Jezreel

Tomorrow! All roads leads SPICE ROUTE: 36 ADEOLA ODEKU VI LAGOS as Industry Night and Amazing Works pays tribute to late OJB at Industry Night.

The MAN with the golden heart….the MAN with great words of wisdom
The MAN who made music that will remain timeless….the MAN who crowned Kings of music
The MAN who would give 100% of all he had to a stranger and leave nothing to himself
The MAN with his word always on his lips and in his heart
A MAN who loved others more than he loved himself…a MAN OF GOD

Listen Man Of God by Late OJB Jezreel (R.I.P Sir)…Be there tomorrow

DOWNLOAD OJB Jezreel – Man Of God


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