1. Ds guy has always been my hottest whn it comes 2 flows dat are hotter than LAVA! Maytronomy is d man, mehn! Blah!

  2. u manage try. Upcumin artists r fuckn up. So it’s only Shyne dat cn do gud songs among d upcumin artists. B lyk wizkid, 9ice who came in2 d game nd changed alot in it. We nid smtyn new nt smtyn we ve bin listenin 2 b4

  3. maga please G̶̲̥̅̊☹ ªND blowjob ά̲̣ fat fire cracker……. give it to em †his guy i̶̲̥̅§ Ğoº°˚°ºϑ ….. “U manage try” i̶̲̥̅§ ά̲̣ remark u will never get 4 ur pointless ideas for criticism….may carry G̶̲̥̅̊☹ jooR

  4. @Maga. . . Dnt let’s bring ds guy dwn by comparn hm wt “Wizkid”. . . He’s got enuf musical talent dan wizzy. . . He cn rap, his hook is tite. . . Wt else do u need in an artiste??? Abeg, free hm jor! U wan cmpare 2face wt Skally mental, abi??? LMFAO!!!

  5. @4tune bt stil am beta 2 ur local family goat. It’s ur mum’s pusi dat is pointles 4 ur dad’s dick. U b bastard sef mak i jst pity u lol. @Juwonlo mak him reach whr wizkid dey nah. If u dn’t kno d level way wizkid dey na danger

  6. @maga N †he low life numskull N psychopath spoke ªgain ….. I honestly do not expect any thing ♍ore amusing from u maga Τђªt sees †he best of Nigerian music ι̥η wizkid ªND †he rest of †he loafers ur addled mind could Τђink of…..from ur name there i̶̲̥̅§ lil or no hope 4 d disgruntled young animal my advice is u really dont have to type ι̥η every comment box because…..its at ur disposal …learn to face †he fact Τђªt ur opnions at ur best would still lack water solution to ur problem I suggest via †he third mainland bridge throw Τђªt phone or whatever it i̶̲̥̅§ Τђªt helps u to embarrass urself into †he atlantic ocean wher it will find ♍ore use Τђªnk u……. Maytro do ur thing joooR

  7. @4tune. . . I see U, bruv! Dat’s quite enuf 2 show how intelligent U are. . . Thanks, bruv! Really felt dat ish!


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