New Music: MamuZEE – Pige


The energetic music duo MamuZEE TwiNs ( Anthonio Akpos Dixon and Andre Andos Dixon) known for their African music and energetic dance, The same twins we celebrated over a decade ago for their costuming, dance steps, beautiful performances and humility. the mamuZEE brothers are back with a smash hit single titled ‘Pige’

They are known for their African music and energetic dance. They call themselves They won’t be caught dead in different wears and when they appear in public, you marvel at God for creating two individuals that look so much alike. As married men, Anthonio Akpos Dixon and Andre Andos Dixon live together with their wives and you begin to wonder how their spouses are able to recognise their husbands without some confusion.



  1. Despite the fact dt d beat wz stolen, justice wsnt done to the beat. #wack# all in support of taking this down nd bringing up kobi jonz.

  2. well, ok song….not as good as the original by some guy called kobe jonz…its a shame that creativity and ORIGINALITY are both constantly dropping in Nigeria’s music industry these days. what a shame. #ANDIMOUT

  3. hmmm…..interesting……i knew i had heard that beat before somewhere. i thought these mamuzee guys were retired. they should buy their own beat if they aren’t capable of producing one themselves and stop being a nuisance in the industry. SMH

  4. Its a shame tho. Take this crap down. Jaguda at least if you’re gonna post a song on your website, do the research first. This probably why some blogs are where they are today…shout out to blogs and website that do their job properly. smh.

  5. Dis mamuzee guys are so crappy,they claim to have been in the game for years now and yet they go ahead and steal the beat of an upcoming artiste,and yet they didn’t even do justice to the beat.I rep kobi jonz anytime.

    • shaaaa see your mouth, dont talk about what u dont know STG is a thief .. he came to my studio stole a beat i produced and soled it to kobi jonz……now his calling and apologizing that he didnt know kobi was going to push the song…….my name is tekno and i produced that song for mamuzee

  6. you all, chill……. i produced this song…. kobi why dont u to ask STG for the data of the beat he gave to you.. he is a thief cause he stole that beat from my studio and you should be arrested for using my beat and insulting my client……

  7. case closed…2 al y’all who hv derived joy criticizing d Mamuzee Twins can now learn 2 mind their bizness….@Kobi Jonz, learn 2 see such things as normal, see lyk sumbody freestyling on ur beat


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