New Music: M.I Abaga Presents RUBY – Okay

ruby gyang okay

Another J-town product brought to you by none other than Mr. Incredible himself, MI Abaga. If you’ve been paying attention, you might have heard her on the hook to MI’s Imperfect Me on his last album, MI2.

Some of us have always known about Ruby’s extra-ordinary talents, and we are happy to finally be able to help show that to the world. According to MI “Personally I think she’s probably the greatest singer this side of the planet.

The song Okay, takes you to place of serenity and inner peace. The vocals, lyrics, beat all put together give you absolutely beautiful music. Endorsed by MI… and seconded by us.

She’s currently signed with Loopy Music, a subsidiary of Chocolate City. The road only gets brighter for Ruby after this.

Enjoy. I promise you’ll love it. Drop your comments too…




  1. go Ruby..its ur birthday..u killed it girl..God know that im proud of u,Jaytown is proud of u..the whole world is soooo proud of u..Awesome stuff

  2. hey hey guurrrllllllllll……u just amazing, wowwww cant believe we have great female singers in naija. Ruby u are the bomb. A job weldone.

  3. …This song won't make me wanna go out and buy it. It doesn't make me wanna take a second listen. Ruby, you have a nice voice and good writing skill but you need more creativity you also need to own the song, you sound like you are singing somebody else's song. if this here music thing is what you have chosen to do, then you gotta make it feed you. Make music that people will want to say wow who sang that song… Forget your friends all writing "that the song is this and that" to make you feel good, they prolly won't buy yo shit anyway. I am an impartial critic and I love you that is why I need you to go back to the lab with your pen and your pad and get your music career off. Best of luck mate.


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