New Music: Duno | Let’s Talk (Prod. by Michael Excel)


Seriously though, Let’s Talk!

Where did conscious music go? You know, music that made at least a little bit of sense and not entirely dependent on groovy beats, repetitive catch-phrases with no meaning and raunchy,risqué videos?

It would appear that many have forgotten that music is an art form and not an excuse for lewd exposure. Unfortunately, that’s the reality today. Our pop culture has declined from the talent of the art of creativity, cadence and delivery to the ass-shaking, bling-bling and Champagne-popping culture.

Fortunately, the total descent from art to trash has been stunted by barriers of dogged nonconformists who believe in the sanctity of the art; listeners and makers of music alike.

Duno, who rent the airwaves last year and confirmed his status as the hip-hop reverend after he bagged a South-South Music Award (SSMA) with his hit single “Look” releases another song which as always, is food for thought.

In “Let’s Talk”, Duno remains true to his very nonconformist nature lacing sagely tongue-twisting flows above a fast-paced afrobeat baseline, repping hiphop and the City to the fullest.

The song which is produced by Michael Excel, comes with a promotional lyric video. However, the main video will be released subsequently.



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