New Music: Kel – Shayo & Move


Brand new joint from Naija Femcee, Kel. Kel plans to drop a new joint every week for the next 3 weeks, so we should expect to hear more from here.

This joint right here, “Shayo & Move” is produced by Samklef.


[audio:|titles=Shayo & Move]



  1. kels might just be the biggest fool on this planet, maybe universe. what sort of song is that? please someone put this dog out of her misery. 2/10

  2. This song is complete crap. Kel please just hang it up. When the likes of Eva are around u're still rapping this rubbish. #epicfail

    • EXCACTLY! the beat is banging no doubt, but compared to other female Mcs, Kel shouldn't be putting out lyrics like this

  3. U two useless excuse of a human being should be ashamed of urselves. Atleast she has the guts to put sumtin out. Even if d song no good(which it is) no b by force to comment na. U now come here with ur frustrated lives to chat rubbish, did they force u to listen. Oloshios fellows. Kmt

    • is this kels? or kels shit…fuck outta here bitch. You that replied me what does that make you. Old fucking goat. kill yourself . And thank your God i just made you relevant.

    • bitch shut the fuck up before i slash ur toto dirty ashawo if you cant deal with opinions then bitch do this take a 2 double shots of bleach and drink to your death hoe…. mad person "cos i said so" u aint saying shit … #DIEHOE

  4. @ladydiva n bushgirl: i think the song is lame as well but is there really a need for such words? u can express ur opinions without showing how moronic n tactless u really are.

    • lol, Youre right, i am tactless….but do you know what you are? You are just a foolish tout. kpanla. idiot. monkey with a baboon vagina. bitch i just cursed you too, and what can you do….yeah, nothing.

      if you reply with insults…that makes you also moronic and tactless like me, you dunce.


      (lol…im having fun with this…great way to let steam offf…..)

  5. I couldn’t even finish d song!What wr u thinking @ ur age u still doing this kind of song?I was expecting a bigger come back to set u higher but this,U KILLED IT UR CAREER I MEAN

  6. Opinions r lyk ass holes, everyone’s got em. Kel, this is nice and I pray for ur success. Keep @ it. It’s wat u do. Don’t pay attention to wat pple r saying.

  7. You guys are just haters. this joint is mega. That's why we Nigerians can never progress. So quick to jump and hate. kmt

  8. Is there something personal btw someone here and kelz?i'm not a kelz fan but u ladies are being waaaaaaaaaaay too mean…gosh…no one has even said what shez doing wrong just cursing….she sounds very much like Missy Elliot…same rap style…not bad kels…you can only get better.

  9. Y’all are right. I am completely in the wring. Sure the song is whack, very whack to me…but I shouldn’t have insulted her or anyone on here. Totally out of character, that I choose to have fun at the expense of someones career in public for that matter. And for that kel, I apologize. It was so uncalled for.

    You can’t please anyone, no doubt but the sing isn’t my cup of tea (not a fan).

    With that being said yeah, *wraps tail invetween legs* sorry for all the comment, God I hope jaguda deletes them (i don’t like Internet bullies which is what I exhibited here). And I am sorry about that.

  10. kels is an ashawo anyone that support kels or her dirty ashawo toto music should please take their bed to 3rdmainland bridge and take a nap.. this bitch is plain useless. she don fuck so tay she go copy copy for exam hall. KELs clap for yaself……… rubbish toto music

  11. No wonder everyone’s trying to sing today, everyone has an opinion of how music shld sound. I remember d back lashes when ‘tease me’ came out but no tis d same pple dat insulted d kid dat r going to buy ticket to watch him perform on june 12th. Keliooo if u ever read this, just do you!!!! And focus of wat u want to achieve. Let d hateful comments motivate u to d top.

  12. all ya guyz sucks kel u ar da bomb am a big fan of kel so bak off all ya haters or hang yaself nd die kel ur fans ar xpectin mre from ya (am da best among best da only ph boi stormin wit kel got 2 go am goin on stage nw dnt fuck wit ma gal kel cos am gonna fuck wit ya all NO LOVE)

  13. Abeg Kel should go fry akara,Wetin be this?thats how she featured the whole world on her last album. this one no good but make una no curse her again. just advice her.

  14. Kel afta EVA U d nxt.hv not heard d Song buh I kw evrey Single person dat diss U on dis Song will groove2 it&cum bck 2 beg U.Kel U d U d best Best I ever heard as a Female rapper.


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