New Music: KB – Beautiful (Omoge)


The artist Kris Bonkers(KB) formerly known as kewlboi is back with a new joint for the ladies, it is called “Beautiful (Omoge)”. It is a very Hot track that is specially dedicated to all the ladies. It was written and composed by Kris Bonkers himself and produced by Oriri for Tonsta Records. Bonkers has another joint comming out in a week or so which features Vector and Bobby Smalls, so watch our for that too. It is about to be a Hot summer. Kris Bonkers is still working on his mixtape which will be hitting the streets soon, so enjoy this track for now, while we wait for the heat that is about to come out from the Tonsta Records stable.




  1. Wow!my boy doing big thangz!guess we hav to get used to calling u kris bonkers now?real proud of u bro!u knw who dis is kris..cheers mate!


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