New Music: Fazillion – Revolver Ocelot meets Psycho Mantis + Ghetto


Most of you know him as a blogger on, but don’t get it twisted Fazillion does his thing on the mic himself. His mixtape Smoke Sessions Vol2 is set to be released soon, and would be one the hip-hop heads should love. Check out 2 singles from the mixtape.


Exactly 1 year after the release of the critically acclaimed Smoke sessions Vol 1 comes two singles of the sequel Smoke Sessions Vol 2 : TUT-ANKH-HIPHOP . TUT-ANKH-HIPHOP when translated means living image of HIPHOP.

The first single “Revolver Ocelot meets Psycho Mantis” features Mr Dry Gin on a beat from DJ Premier’s “Golden terra of rap”, performed by Canibus. The second single “Ghetto” produced by Teck-Zilla features reggea artist Nijah. Smoke Sessions Vol 2 would also feature hip hop artists B-elect, Plumbline, Str8-Buttah, Raze the poet, C4 and new R n B sensation Glenn.

***Revolver Ocelot meets Psycho Mantis



*** Ghetto




  1. After all the noise I heard this guy makes, his song sucks. If this is the hip-hop he's talking about then I'll pass. 4/10 at best, and that's cos of the chorus.

  2. Lmao. *you’ve got to be kidding me face*. I am no “hiphop head” like faz so I guess I won’t be able to understand his nursery rhymes. Yes, feel free to recognize the sarcasm.

    He should consider changing his name to jaguda cos he sounds like one. But to be honest tho all jokes aside…it’s not as bad as I thought it would be…maybe I expected soo much better because of his own hype. *shrugs*


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