New Music: Eva [Eva D’Diva] – Tonight ft. Goldie + Remix


Check out Eva’s (the singer… we gotta clarify) new track Tonight which features Goldie. Nice track and if you listen to the words very well you just might be calling your significant other, or reaching for that black book.

She definitely takes it there with the lyrics to this tune. She drops the original and remix together so you got the slow version and club version. Suit any mood you’re in.

EVA is a singer and is not a new comer to the music industry of Nigeria. Since 1998 she has been gradually making her way in and out of Nigeria with her smooth but yet powerful and husky vocals. In 2006 she caught the eye of the media and the public with her deep and soulful single “No Cry’’- a classical piece that speaks to the fading optimism of the Nigerian people regarding the deteriorating state of the nation. The single got her a bag full of award nominations. EVA has seen been dishing out a few singles.

EVA who is fondly called Eva D’Diva by friends is currently working on her upcoming album titled ‘’The Core of Me’’. It is an edgy, exciting and unpredictable piece of work that exposes the person behind the name EVA to people in ways that make it hard to contest the fact that she is indeed a DIVA. She partners with a number of Nigeria’s finest musicians from the likes of BLAISE, GOLDIE, 2SHOTZ, NIGGA RAW, IGHO and so on.

What makes this new single titled TONIGHT produced by TEEKAY WITTY and the Remix by TYRONNE quite special is that it shows EVA stepping out of her usual conservative self as she collabos with controversial artist Goldie to inspire women to take the lead, be active and take charge of the intimacy and romance in their marriages and long term relationships. The song seeks to revive burnt out flares a 21st century lifestyle can cause between a man and a woman. The song is fun and bouncey as it is sexy and thoughtful.

The song has a House / Techno feel to it that creates a bounce and a feel good emotion… as should be the feeling between a man and a woman in love.

[audio:|titles=TONIGHT – EVA ft Goldie]


*** Remix

[audio:|titles=TONIGHT remix – EVA ft Goldie]



  1. Now this is music ..this is original…not what that other nicki minaj wanna be is doing… Pscheeeeew . This is fab Eva. I read the Encomium article on you two…u bear the name a whole lot better. Nice one

  2. Hmmmmmm…this song Eva… Hmmmmm lmao! I likey likey a whole lot. I like it even more when I’m with my babe 😉

  3. I didn’t even notice goldie in this track.. Wow!!! Great one Eva…nice to see you step out of your wise old woman shell. Big ups

  4. Well…I knew under all those deep message filled songs..u were a freak LOL . Can I be the man in the video??? Pleeeeaaase?

  5. I am soooooo feeling this track… I wish I could say the same about the album art. It could be better sha. No matter…oya ka sere ife..we can do whatever you want. Great job Eva

  6. Naughty naughty EVA. I am curious…what inspired you to write a song like this? Its lovely btw. I can’t seem to get the melody out of my head

  7. Wow!!!! I’m feeling this tune. Its a refreshing club jam… What I love more about it is Eva’s vocal delievery…she took it there…so believable…wow! Nice.

  8. I loooove the concept of the song o jare. Wetin u dey find for sokoto dey your shokoto. Eva tell dem ooooo lmao. Great jam…can’t wait for the album

  9. Pls I prefer this Eva to that rapping one…all na hype..and people will soon see that. Great job Eva!!!! Rock on

  10. This song makes me wanna tell my girlfriend to come over without her panties… Hmmmmm Eva… This song is doing strong tinz oooo. U carried goldie well..was expecting a flop on her part but she pulled through.I am impressed. Kudos u two

  11. Evacious EVA……………..great job baby……….I'm so impressed. This is wat we r talking abt jare………….keep d fire burning.


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