New Music: Dil – Acapella ft Lynxxx + Blinded + Nigerian Girl


Dil is no stranger to us here on His tune I don land which featured WizKid & Kel back in 09 was featured on here, and was a heavy hit. He returns once again with 3 new singles. Acapella featuring Lynxxx, Blinded & Nigerian Girl.

Check em out. Enjoy.

International acclaimed Singer, Songwriter and Producer, DIL proudly presents his new single – Acapella ft Lynxxx, with additional songs, Blinded and Nigerian Girl (Liberian Girl Cover).

Being in the International industry for so long after producing songs for Beyonce, Ashanti, Boys 2 Men, Sean Paul, etc… DIL returned to Nigeria and then produced Durella’s Smash hit ‘Macmarama’ and the same year, Michelle Williams’ ‘On the Run (whatdadil mix)’ which topped the UK charts.

Now he brings you Acapella ft Lynxxx – a song he says “an experience with a girl I met who didn’t captivate me at first but did after I heard her voice”. A song he believes most guys can relate to.

To further whet the appetite of fans and intending lovers, DIL is also releasing Blinded. “she loves me, he loves me for my money. A perception most people have in friendship, relationship and courtship” he says, and Nigerian Girl – a cover of Michael Jackson’s Liberian Girl which is a mixture of his love for Nigerian women and Michael Jackson. All songs produced by the multi-talented and incredible DIL.

*** Acapella ft. Lynxxx




*** Blinded




*** Nigerian Girl




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