New Music: D’banj – Oyato


Yeah This is the Koko Master we all fell in Love, i assume. We posted about him dropping “Oyato” today, here we have it. Different sound, different style. This joint actually sounds like a subliminal though, D’banj is definitely different.
Good Music, Bump it.




  1. See subliminal evil messages at d background in d end. Wat was it he said der sef. Nice jam sha but evil make God deliever us ‘if u’ve seen wat i’ve seen wa mo pe dbanj ti yato’ occultic talk

  2. Anybody could have done dis disappointin 4rm an ‘intanational sensation’ …….breeze don blow…..wetin fowl go do nau

  3. Its a pity how shallow minds think? Must all songs be gragra jumpy jump? Dis is a cool track with serious African beats. Dbanj is mature and no longer a wizkid, Terry G jumpy jumpy artiste, tho’ he could still bring all dat swag along..
    This is classic and mature.. Thumbs D’banj. U make us proud

    • freedom of speech don we have the right to like any song we feel is ok brymo – ara is not jumpy jumpy or terry g ish like u said be we still respect and love the song the creativity, ur boy is whack face it. and we have the right to say whatever we wanna say about it

  4. @itsjustayo, hmm if this song was sent to from an upcoming act will you upload it and Am sure songs better than this were sent to you yesterday the same day you posted this,but u will just overlook most of them because its from an upcoming act. is this fair?

  5. Please! Sm1 should tell this young man dat he’s nothing witout the mohit crew. Worst song from d’banj. You r telling your lord jazzy make he forget……..

  6. Dbanj is on to a winner with this one, hating fans are fickle minded….they will change sides in a bit…Good luck dbanj… (small ass kissing dey, lol)

  7. Wots all d noise about? For all I care dis iz sumfyn dbanj wud do. I mean we re talkin abt dbanj.4get d context(dbanj vs mavin)nd tell me if u wud be disappointed or esctactic abt dis jam.

  8. For those hypin’ d’banj, Lemme say y’all don’t have coMmon sense…. D’banj thinks he can compete wiv 2baba by signing j.sleek.. For oyato, I downloaded it, played it and got it deleted cos its trash… Nuffin inspirational self… Imagine jazzy producinG beats for 2baba!! D’banj has no career, sing, he can’t sing.., Rap you knoW, He can’t rap….. Fuck d’banj and all his fans..

  9. Only Stupid people call other people’s opinions shallow,ya’ll crazy! We know dbanj for jumpy jumpy songs and that’s whα† makes him Dbanj,as for the song I’m blank,disappointed and surprised…nothing fantastic about it!

  10. Haters u can keep talkin wit ur big mouth…dis single has corner d full mavil album in case u don’t kn nd has gain more comment…

  11. Gosh am deletin ds ryt away.guys don jazzy is jes tryin 2 mock hm,dos words ar nt 4rm hs mind.upon all d’illuminati stuff all u kuld giv us is a fuji song.u cn do d’remix wiv pasuma.dumbhead.mtcheeew

  12. dbanj is known for dis,rememba tune like mo bo lowo won,loke…..
    NB:OYATO is released under his africa record label DB not d international label GOOD MUSIC/MERCURY.

  13. I can’t stop jamming this song, I hope I’ll be able to sleep tonight. Haters keep hating, as for me Oyato an baba

  14. Let me tell you guys something,the sheet you`e saying about D banj he need it, because every one of us need a fresh air, that why adua and leave it luck.

  15. U idiots have been brainwashed by naija tonga drums and catchy choruses that u dont even no what music is again…its an expression over a organized sound & my homie d banj is taking us back to what music u listen to music or do u just scheem through it..d banj has passed the message accross to the pharisees..

  16. The song wasn’t released for y’all hating ass fellas who can’t sing if your lives depended on it…its a classic song for mature minds and if you’re hating,slot in a song u like and STFU….and yes,i am a fan…
    *puffs cuban cigar and stares ahead*

  17. Chim o! Dis song is wack infact wack is an understatement,so after all d whole nopise + all d illuminati trash dis is wat he could come up wit ! If care is not taken both him and his illuminati career’ll crash …had 2 delete d song cos immediateLy I played it my little cousin started crying!!!+all of u dat say we are r hating do urselves a favour and hug transformer cos y’all dnt knw wat gud music is all abt

  18. We shouldn’t criticize anyone..We all have our own different styles and I think the beat and the flow is on point.. But Pharisees not only refer to haters…Check ur dico or bible

  19. D banj is full of shit and his rhymes re senseless… Upon all ur illuminatti tang he still can’t do correct music.. I swear this track sucks.. Mavin Activated. Jooh

  20. Dbanj is my real man.he has show to us that the down fall of a man is not the end of his life.bringing out something diffrent,frm diffren labble is not easy.carry on if them like me dem go jump for river Niger,na u still be my number one act

  21. kai... dis is smtin I hate abt 9ja.." oyato" mean difrence!! yea he is provin 2 9ja dts he is so so so so so siff. kai I spent a whole day tryin 2 donwload dis song b4 I could. I finaly go it n ma hummies whr hapy. dat beat is so wicked. no d'banj no rock

    D’banj dis ur startin point.. Infact dis beat wicked. Odun die!!! Tnx 4 d hit We lov U.

  22. Dunno y sumpple dont jus appreciate originality! D’banj is tyt & sings in a unique way, jus 4get about d break-up he had wit donJ & oda stufz. Oyato is jez onPoint! Kip it up bro…thumbs!!!


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