New Music: DBanj – I Do This


The song was released earlier today and the reviews have been pretty harsh. Dbanj trying a little bit of a new sound. This will be featured on his album dropping soon, Scape Goat. Check it out and drop your thoughts.



  1. Average track, definitely not a club banger but you can easily nod to it in your car & sail away. Someone biko e-mail it to me!

    • Wen usher shouted oh my god in his track u liked it wen lady gaga jumps up and down for video u lik,wen terry g dey talk wetin person no fit write for papa u go lik am abi…

  2. One problem with nigerians when something african comes up we don't appreciate,but if na R KELLY abi USHER sing dis song we go accept am lets appreciate wat is ours…

    • What is here to appreciate? Yes you may be a huge d'banj fan but that does not mean you should not say the truth.

      • What truth is there to say, the fact is that this song is just too original and very good. No dey beef dis guy abeg

  3. lol…does he think he is lady gaga of africa where u can say anything with a catchy tune nd get away with it.

    nt a club tune..just something manageable.nt his standard i would say.

  4. 9ja pple with beef sha………D'banj i too love you……. I do this for the haters……they always make me laff…………….hahahahahahah Haterz, i go laff una die


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