New Music: Camp Mulla – Prices ft. WizKid


New music from Kenyan group, Camp Mulla that features WizKid. The EME crew were in Kenya a few weeks back, and this might be a by product of that trip.

WizKid does his thing on it. Check on it.




  1. Menn der is no whizkid in dis song-wat is hun hun n dat all,same tin dbanj did in his feature-foolin himself,whizkid am ya fan bt u whack in dis 1

  2. Hey dude, shut up ur mouth, if u dnt knw what 2 say dnt condemn, go back nd listen 2 it, wizkid waz d person who took d 1st verse!! Dummy get some brain …. can never fool us!! Even at d end of d song dey made a shout 2 whizkid.. Dude grow up, dis is hip pop a different tune entire, and nt d nigeria noise music… Enjoy while it last… Am proud 2 have dis song on my phone.. Thanx Jaguda.. I rate it 8/10. Ciaos

  3. Terry mumu or james idiot nw I knw u thinking wit ya scrotum-am so ashamed of ya parentz cos they gave birth 2 a deaf tinkin u hear,go listen d 1st verse(I doubt if uu knw wat a verse is) n play any of whiz song if der is resemblance,abi ya ear de wear condom jamez terry mumu wu giv u phone sef 2 browse billy pant

  4. WOW! Wiz Killed this track, his flow was Boss on some grown man P. Dude showed depth on this track, I guess he is not just a “timpapa” artist


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