New Music: A-Q – Sugarbelly

This is a side of A-Q we have not seen before,  the rapper makes a comical song and titles it after one of the most popular and controversial social media characters at the moment, @Sugabelly.
The tracks talks about how people especially on social media lie about their status to get attention, A-Q story telling skill is still impeccable on this track.


  1. one question, when will Nigerian rappers stop singing songs that are disrespectful to women?? i though nobody could be worse than olamide but this guy write here is just a silly boy who refuse to grow up. fine some naija girls lie but was the fucking the pizza off her body really necessary??? and you had to name this track sugarbelly? do you even know how heavy that subject is??? i swear to God this guy is a pure undiluted irritant and yall wonder why Naija girls wanna get with guys from other countries? its simple they respect their women fools.

  2. This is the reason this guy will never blow. Let’s forget the disrespect sef… this shit is just hella lame. Like super lame.


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