New Music: 9ice – Oba Wan


Another week, and another Vevay tune from 9ice. Oba Wan which means “Their King” in yoruba is 9ice at his finest. He is, as he refers to himself, Their King.

We expect more songs from 9ice, and as stated earlier a double album next year. Dude is not sleeping at all.

Produced by Tio’d, Recorded by Allan B and mastered by Dan Jiggy




  1. Dis 9ice at is best…This song has a great and meaningful message…you have to be deep into yoruba b4 you can understand the meaning of what’s saying… “Awon ni panti ewa, emi ni dodo ewa, ododo toh popular” Decode Eh!!!

  2. Thumb up for this, you got it right… You are the real OBa WOn… KEep the traditional unique sound rolling…

  3. 9ice is undoubtedly a legend,this track is so a powerful msg embedded.Awon ni panti ewa,emi ni dodo ewa….nyc tune.God bless 9ice…anxiously waiting for ur next double album.

  4. 9ice is so underatted……dis is Originality at its peak..a true African style of music, if you play this for a foreigner they will like it… I think he’s the 2nd best in Nigeria after 2face #OBAWON “Original yato si alupayida”

  5. Lord of Nazereth..we want musicains like dis in Nigeria…How I go take define dis song sef..right now I am SPEECHLESS!!!!! He’s truly OBA WON…. emi ajifolajiaola

  6. 9ice is gon be my fav all day all night.. aint nobody better than u 9ice.. all respect to u, you’re a certified legend.. i love u #nohomo


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