New Leak: Kelly Handsome – La La Low (Mo-Hitts Diss)



Na wa ooo. Can we call this beef week? Seems like there’s been enough beef to go around this week. Even took a small diss this week sef. Anyways, let’s talk about this one here. Earlier this week, Kelly Handsome released a track “Catch Me If You Can,” and took jabs at a lot of people from Wande Coal, Dbanj, Don Jazzy to MI, Kenny Ogungbe of Kennis Music. Details and time line of the whole saga will be posted on here shortly. Those in the twitter world probably saw MI’s top ten things to do when Kelly Handsome disses you, which I thought was pretty funny. The song can be heard here.

Now, we have another diss track from Kelly Handsome and again it is directed at the Mo-Hitts crew. This is titled “La La Low,” and even though a good portion of the track is in igbo, you can probably get the gist of what he is saying. Omo man, the guy is really living up to his “List Of Noise Makers” album hype. We all hope it doesn’t backfire or go beyond words. Enjoy the track.



  1. im feeling the track. nice production… it does not sound too hostile to me but it is sure directed as a response to track he felt rubbed the wrong way on.. i need to catch up on all this this…

  2. These Guys have gone far and you still behind making a hell of noise,you better face your career in other not to end up like Nico Gravity!!! or what do you call him!!!!!

    Ori Yato Si Ori!!!!!

  3. Choozy or what is it call will never tell you the thruth,cos he knows nothing about Music

    You better dont get pushed by Immature Music Listener,

    Wack name,and this is why he dont even know about music!!!!

  4. Dissin is just for fun and to make the industry get more recognized…….if you cant handle it……drop dead!!!or get drowned!!!

  5. Anywhere i can’t tell you guyz not 2 play ruins.but uncode not beefing in public,if you think you are to rugged front the person you called you enemy(bastard).not disturbing the society.

  6. I will never crash cos I' m no sosoliso

    I drive chocolate city to the end of my league yo

    How can you ever think of fighting with steven Seagal.

    I'm so Rick Ross I Boss like HUGO

    hahahahah…… MI is killing them. May be they want to die.


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