NEA After-Party Free Style Battle… MI vs IceBerg Slim



At the after party, there was some sort of free-style battle between MI and IceBerg Slim. I actually thought the issue was dead, but apparently it was resurrected this past weekend at the NEA awards. Anyways, check out this vid. I think it’s pretty obvious who won this one.


  1. lol…once he said "ICEBERG before u get at me get a cheque"….dammmm that ended the battle..lwkmd..ICEBERG should keep his daytime job …plsss

  2. Neither of them are really good at freestyling but M.I. was way better than Iceberg Slim. I have a feeling this won't be the last time they go at this their "beef"

  3. looooool. you got a little better at the freestyle thing since your grand rapids days jude, but only a little better. hey, at least you won. and this iceberg whatever can stop his rant now. but jude you know you wrote this like a week before. "cut the track, i want you to hear what i'm saying" c'mooon ma dude. we know that wasn't the reason. at least you can write a rhyme. see josh in the background with his tie. mr GQ himself. let's see if he's also an undercover freestyle mc. get it? undercovers. loooool. you boys crack me up


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