Naija Artists Who “Covered” Their Way To The Top


Before we start first of all, what is a “cover”? A cover version or cover song , or simply cover is a new performance or recording of a previously recorded , commercially released( or unreleased) song, by someone other than the original artist or composer.

That said we all know in this our fast growing naija music industry which is choked with many talents it is hard to get recorgnition easily even if you’ve got the talent and all. One of the easiest ways is by doing covers to popular songs. It is a way to show skill as am artist either to do it better or to do it differently .it is a fast way to grow your fan base and also means for creative expression. Many have taken this advantage mostly rappers which is part of the scheme of work without taking much of your time here is a list of naija artist that we think made god use of this concept and covered there way to the top



The chairman himself ever since he came on the scene has dropped a couple of covers in his mixtapes (illegal music 1&2), tracks like I’M HOT where he sampled Dbanj’s Gbono Feli Feli and Snoop Dogg’s “Drop it like it’s Hot” and many more. He has also jumped on Lil Wayne’s  6foot 7foot with phenom on Illegal Music 2. The thing with M.I is because he is a also a good producer, he touches the beat a bit before adding a whole new sound to it. Mr incredible definitely is a master of covers and samples



We all remember how he came on the scene back in 2010-2011 where he did a cover to Ice Prince’s Oleku with his warri version. Afterwards he got mad buzz and shortly after was signed to then one of naija’s top label (storm records). The cover brought a different feel to the monster hit which brought him the recognition and fan base required. He also went ahead to do a couple of more covers on his mixtape



Sauce kid or sinzu as we know him now also came on the scene back in 06-07 with a track SAMBORIBOBO which was a cover to Remy Martin’s Conceited. Shortly afterwards his rap career too off and he was on fire for a bit. His Money Long mixtape also boosted a couple of covers to him name.




I call him the king of covers ,thou he is relatively not blown yet but he is definitely on the right path. His most notable covers to date are Ice Prince’s Aboki, and Di’Ja’s Yaro. He’s gotten props from the original artist themselves like M.I Iceprince and recently sarkodie. His cover of Dija’s Yaro was considered one of the best and most recently just dropped a viral video of Sarkodie’s illuminati which got Sarkodie himself impressed.



This EME boss first came on the scene also with EBUTE META a cover to Rihanna’s smash hit Umbrella. You can call it a cover or remake but that song actually helped him launch his career in naija before he went on to release his other original songs. The rest they say is history.



As a rapper I think it is part of your duty to drop mixtapes in between albums just to show your lyrical ability and I think vector did a couple of covers in his barracks mixtape that showed us what he’s made off. He also at one time did a cover to Ice Prince’s oleku that jam also Aded a little to his CV

So all said and done, covers are a way of adding to your CV and increasing your fan base. It’s a good way to show the audience what u can do given an already popular song. if you know how to do the right one, it can work wonders.

Please endeavor to share your thoughts below and remind us if there is anybody we omitted.


  1. Young kheengs…..I tink he’s doin verywell coz its nt easy at all 2get up nd get noticed around d north….buh he’s nailing it steady!!I mean if he shud get a bigger chance its gona b’war’……nockles nd luck 2ol d upcumin 2.

  2. These are dope people. But you need to pay attention to a Godson dude. He recently covered King James by MI and was the best in Games Of throne competition by MI. You should pay attention to him – Talent


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