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We featured Ufoma on here a few months ago in our bubbling under segment, and she returns ‘Hard’ with new music. It’s a nice song, and I believe she shows a lot of promise.

Check it out.

Co-written with the Garden City’s finest music team The Music Militants, the brand new single “Go Hard” from fast-rising Nigerian singer and songwriter UFOMA was recorded in June 2011 with ace producers Nyenwe ‘Xuzia’ Sam-Woruka and Bralou! This is a song of resolve and resilience, calling out to its listeners not to give up on their dreams and to win against all odds. The power in Ufoma’s vocals and the richness of the lyrical content is just what you need to get you up and going in your life! This song is NOW available for FREE download so PRESS PLAY and get ready to GO HARD!!!

The song itself – a great showcase of Ufoma’s vocal dexterities and songwriting abilities – is beautifully laced with catchy keyboard arrangements, heavy guitar strings and lush drum kicks which give the song a very distinct Pop-Rock feel upon which Ufoma shines brilliantly.  Fans and listeners of good music across Africa should find some appreciation in this new audio experience from Ufom


Houston-based Nigerian singer and songwriter Ufoma – a native of Delta State – has been blessed with a name which means peace but she turns into the complete opposite when it comes to performing — when she’s on the microphone and on stage, it’s a battle field out there! Ufoma delivers a message of peace and love through passionate, strong, and powerful vocals in a unique blend of Pop music, a fusion of Soul and R&B music, Soft Rock, and Afro Calypso. Very dexterous and adventurous on the microphone and in performance, this diva is set to take the music industry by storm.

She has this to say of herself – “I love to sing music that reflects the passion in my life. I sing about the real challenges, hopes, and victories of everyday life that people can relate to first hand, and I will always connect with your heart and leave you with something to inspire you to your next level. I love soul that is not too “souly” and a tinge of R&B any day. I will sleep, wake up to, and eat Pop music till it literally “pops!” out of my ears. I absolutely love the sound and the rhythms of Africa”.  Ufoma is an African philanthropist, youth motivator, and entrepreneur that will have you seeing life from a new perspective and deliver music that is food for your soul…

[audio:|titles=Go Hard – UFOMA (1)]



  1. If you ever read this UFOMA, i'll like you to know that your voice and how u adlib is your strongest point; don't loose it. People can be hard on you but, i guess that's part of the program. The production is very international sounding and i understand it when some people here don't get it. It has mad guitar riffs and also has a bit of afrobeat somewhere i can't place. No discernible use of autotune on this track and i'm loving it. I would suggest that the song be mixed and mastered again so your vocals come out better; its kind of still hidden in the mix, it needs to cut through the mix better. Let some one like samklef remix this song to give it both the international and the Nigerian feel. Find a way to place this song for use in commercials, movies, and the like. You are seriously not one for Nigeria alone, for your sake never ever give up on "this" so GO HARD.


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