Music Leak: 9ice – Talk I Am Listening feat. Seriki | RuggedMan Diss + Elenu Lo Lenu


It’s no surprise that ever since the 9ice and Toni Payne divorce there’s been an array of hot gist surrounding the couple, and Naija artist Rugged Man. A few months ago, Rugged Man released a conversation he had with 9ice about clearing up his name and it caused a shock wave all over the entertainment industry.

Just a few days ago, Toni Payne went off on twitter about the whole issue, and she was quoted to have said “Release dat diss track for Rugged and I will officially know u don’t know or fear God. Let dat fake manager of urs push u till u can’t move“. To say the least it’s been a pretty dramatic divorce. Anyways… Check out the track. Final version should be released on Sept 20th.


Talk I Am Listening


Elenu Lo Lenu



  1. 9ice and Toni Payne are really acting like kids… Plus the song sef is wack. My goodness… 9ice if u're going to diss someone, make the song enjoyable abeg.

    • Hmmmmmmmmmmm that is not 9ice at all. This song is d best diss song ive heard because it says d truth but obviously people like u dont like the truth yeah.

  2. 9ice is so immature. Somebody give this lil' boy candy let him shut the f**K up with his razz self…

    Rubbish! Move on abeg make we here word.

    • Why will u not talk like this, na so u people dey behave for east. U people r not ur brothers keepers at all. Everything bad in nigeria comes from ur side. at least we av 9ice bringing our yoruba culture to back to life in his music. pls what is Ruggedy ur brother doing to ur culture abi RAP be ur traditional folk song.And the same 9ice revived Ur brother Ruggedy's career with a Yoruba folk song. Hmmmmmmmm think about it u no get mouth for there at all. Talk i am listening is a lovely track.

    • Heay, free these dudes to keep spit'n', am kinda enjoying it…..! Ok let's get serious. 9ice i think u shud hit d nail on Rugged's head if ure so sure Toni Payne was issuing him a head, come all out & say it so som other folks can keep their wifes away, but if u can't, just let him b.

      Liked ur song anyways!!!!

  3. All u guys are all just jealous if u were in 9ice's feet i bet u will do worse than this, leave d poor guy alone he's only human for goodness sake.Listen to d lyrics, rugged man did worse than dis, but because u all r scared of him for reasons unknown u r supporting him,he might probably diss u. Thisis typical Nigerians Talking u dont like hearing good things if d news was that something bad happened to 9ice u will all be shedding crocodile tears. Nigerians need to wake up and support all our artist they r our ambassadors,and not put them down. Has anybody stopped to think what 9ice might be going through after being pushed to d wall by his close friends and family, broken marriage and his so called wife. u all should grow up and get info B4 making stupid comments

  4. 9ice-ruggedman ….you guys are fools.Bastards just let us know if you dont have hit tracks to do anymore.once again you are both dumb and MAD……Bastards!!


  6. U dis girl Bola or what is dat ur stupid name u are a big fool,a real april baby.9ice is f**kin* up just to get his paper(money)and u stupid girl u're talkin about culture,u are really stupid talkin about the ruggedybaba song, if ruggedman had not helped him just to show his ugly face do u think he would have gone far?foolish girl.

  7. My comment over this is that let everyone keep a 10 feet yard.. let the 2 guys settle things for them self. no one else shoudl judge.. @ Bola.. you have only spoken your mind. based on what you might have heard. but what made you s sure that what you heard was the true story.. it was not proven to anyone who f***k who's wife.. even in the phone convesation. Rugged was pushing 9ice to say it. unknown to 9ice it was recorded.. @ Bola. if people comment please do not judge them, they are only acting based on the single story they might have heard, just like you did. and just like i did..

  8. My comment will go 2 9ice,I want u 2 use maturity 2 control d situation on ground. With d level of ur music in nigeria n entire world of music u don’t need 2 be quarrel with him. All they want is u 2 be annoyed. But never mind


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