Music: Kilt Kranik – African Bad Boi


Check out another record from recording artist, Kilt Kranik. This one goes by the name African Bad Boi. Enjoy.

As he hears up to release his forthcoming debut EP Prince Of The Throne in only a matter of weeks, 16-year old rapper and songwriter KILT KRANIK debuts the E.P’s lead single titled “African Bad Boi”.

Backed by Buster Keyz’ trademark drum patterns, keyboard and lush synths, Kilt Kranik rides the riotous backdrop with much ease, fluidity and experience that is far beyond his years, whether it be on the beguiling hook where he produces a catchy and infectious melodic showing or on the verses where he highlights his stellar wordplay and lays down some memorable punchlines.

Giving you a taste of what to expect from the forthcoming 10-track E.P that is Prince Of The Throne, “African Bad Boi” sets Kilt Kranik up nicely as one to definitely watch out for Nigeria’s Pop music landscape in 2013. Listen to “African Bad Boi” below:




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